Net Speed Test Tool

Net Speed Test Tool
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(250 total ratings on Google Play)


This is a simple net speed test tool for android.
If you want to check up your net speed regularly, this app will be a perfect choice for you.
Now we offer you a free version here, quick to download it from our website!

This app will show you:
1. Running progress speed;
2. Network download speed;
3. Network upload speed;
4. Network type.
You can just click Start test button on the screen to test the speed, and after a

while, you will see the speed information directly on the screen.

1. When we surf on the Internet, we can finish our work or tasks quickly if the speed is fast and stable.
However, most of the time, the speed is so slow that we still cannot log in a website.
At this time, you can just use this app to check up the speed. If you find that there are lots of progresses are running slowly. You can just close some of them to alleviate the pressure of your network.
In this way, you can improve the network speed of your device in some way.
2. Network speed test results tend to vary. To get a more accurate gauge of your network speed,this app will be a perfect app for you.

In a word, this app is a great net speed test tool for you.
With it in hand, you can check up or monitor your net speed anytime.
If you want to know:How fast is your Internet connection?
We advise you to install this app- Net Speed Test Tool.
If you are using a smart phone, try this mobile phone speed test tool now!
Hope you will like it!
Thanks for your attention!

Internet speed, the number they give you has nothing to do with how fast your internet works. It¡¯s not like a car or motorcycle where you can measure how fast it goes in miles per hour (mph).

Instead, internet speed is your (allocated) bandwidth. Bandwidth is the amount of data that can be sent to you, usually measured in seconds. For example, 5 Mbps would mean that you can receive up to 5 megabits of data per second.

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