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정오의 데이트
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Meet new people at every NOON from Facebook!

♥ User Guide ♥

① Log in using your Facebook ID.(or register as a general member)

② 2 profile cards arrive at noon every day.

③ Choose one card to see more details and do "I like" to express your interest.

④ If both like each other, they become "my friends".

⑤ You can chat and send a present with your friend at my friends tab.

*Candy is the points required when you express "I Like". You can earn candies by inviting friends and participating various user activities. You may also purchase candies at Store.

Why NoonDate?

1.Only your match can see your profile. Your information not exposed to anyone else.

2.We connect Facebook users first for reliability reason.

3.We scrutinize every applicant and only genuine users are approved for use

4.You don’t even bother to search for your type. We find you a perfect match every day.

5.The more information you give us, the better match we can find you with our semantic matching algorithm.

♥ FAQ ♥

Q. How long to get my application approved?
A. We scrutinize every application to clear any fake or misleading information. It normally takes one week.

Q. Facebook account is must?
A. No, you can register NoonDate without facebook account. However, facebook log-in is recommended to fully utilize the functions provided by us.

Q. Does it leave words on my facebook wall?
A. No. NoonDate leaves nothing in your wall for your privacy. Your facebook world will not be interrupted.

Q. What about fake information?
A. We scrutinize every applicant by membership approval board. You could be permancently banned from our system if you upload fake or misleading information.

Q. I don''t get cards today.
A. You may not get cards everyday. Due to age or location constraints we may not find right card for you.

Q. How to find better fitted friend?
A. Our mathing algorythms work based on personal informations provided by you. The more informations you give us, the better mathing results you can get.
Tips; if you put more at my story and key words, matching probability would increase.

Q. Can I use it on the Web?
A. Yes. We have Web services. You can access at www.noondate.com

Developer: mozzet
Questions: info.noondate@mozzet.com

We welcome your feedback and suggestions.

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