Open Screen Door Lock

Open Screen Door Lock
(620 total ratings on Google Play)
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(620 total ratings on Google Play)


Open Screen Door Lock is the latest screen lock app and we provide this new phone screen lock for free. it can be installed in most android phones or tablets.

We call it door lock, because this lock is a home door. You can unlock your phone screen just like open a door.
When you drop down door handles, the sound and vibrate effect of opening a real door will be heard!!! Yes, it is just like open real door!

Locking functions:
--- Time shown. Hour and minutes on left door.
--- Date shown. Year, month and day under the time clock.
--- Battery shown. The phone power left percentage will be shown on right door.
--- Open left door to unlock screen and enter contact book.
--- Open right door to unlock phone and enter home page.

SETTING effects:
Open unlock sound effect.
Open unlock vibrate effect.
Open screen lock and take into use or close screen lock to use origin lock.

After this screen lock take into use, it will replace other lock. But if you close this screen lock, your former one will restore easily!

Compare with other lock, such as sliding lock, password lock or image lock on android market, this phone lock is much more creative and beautiful. It can simulate the progress of unlocking home door!

The most surprise function---unlock phone and enter contact book directly. Most of the time, we need unlock phone to make calls or send message. But most unlock tool need you unlock first and then open contact book while this one allows you enter contact page directly!

Download this free screen lock. This free lock tool also support you get battery and date info on locking page.


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