Pan Planner : Calendar & To Do

Pan Planner : Calendar & To Do
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(500 total ratings on Google Play)


PanPlanner is a partner in this smart phone’s era that can change your lifestyle!
By looking at today’s schedule organized in a simple way, changes in life will begin.

Plan today.
And double-check the schedules that you have completed.
With a sense of achievement, you will look forward to another day.

When we were planning days on paper and barely managing time, Franklin Planner was a big help.
In this rapidly changing era, evolution is needed to survive.
In the smart phone era, there is no need to manage items separately, and you do not have to re-write schedules anymore.
Now, through PanPlanner, you can look at the To-Do lists easily and manage your time and appointments.
In the View List, you can manage the importance of all the schedules and manage the process status of each schedules. In the View Calendar, you can plan your time management.
You can manage the daily, weekly, monthly schedules, as well as certain schedules that have not been decided yet.

You can do many more things together rather than doing it alone.
You can send and receive memos, schedules, and projects with your friends.
You can download certain schedules that you wish to follow and insert it into your schedule for further utilization.

It is difficult to satisfy the needs of everyone in their schedule management.
We will continue to improve such areas to ensure that we can be your partner in schedule managements, leading to a better life.

[Important Features of PanPlanner]

❖ Schedule Management
- Importance can be edited in View List(Daily, weekly, monthly) and process status can be checked.
- Schedules can be moved in the View Calendar (Daily, weekly) in the preferred schedule and time can be edited.
- A month’s schedule can be easily seen in the View Monthly Calendar.
- View List and View Calendar can be switched with a touch of one button.
- The background of View Schedule can be set/changed, and images can be used as background.
- By adding related schedules, the same contents can be copied to a new schedule, and relevant schedules can be tied as one.
- Widgets can be installed in the background to check daily, weekly, monthly schedules.

❖ Memo
- Just by assigning a date on the memo allows it to be changed into a schedule, and for a schedule that you can’t complete, deleting a date of a schedule will transform it into a memo.
- Images and maps can be attached in a memo just like the schedule.
- Various categories such as a diary, to-do, information and so on can be added, edited for usage.

❖ Share Schedule
- The registered schedule can be sent to a friend through SMS. If your friend uses PanPlanner, alarms, pictures, maps and all the contents of the schedule can be shared.
- Schedules necessary in Project Download can be downloaded to my schedule for usage.
- Opinions can be shared with people who have downloaded the same project from the bulletin board.
- Currently, projects such as schedules that help child caring of babies from 0-1 year old, New English 900 Learning Curriculum and so on have been uploaded.

❖ Anniversaries
- When registering anniversaries, solar/lunar dates can be selected.
- Alarms can be set to remind you of the anniversaries.

❖ As for following time management using PanPlanner, utilizing projects, sending and receiving schedules, settings and other detailed information, please refer to the PanPlanner’s website.

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