Fingerprint Pattern Lock

Fingerprint Pattern Lock
(2500 total ratings on Google Play)
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(2500 total ratings on Google Play)


A brand new way to lock your phone using fingerprints as well as by creating a pattern lock of your own.

You can either scan your fingerprint to unlock, or as a backup you can also create a pattern lock. You can make your own pattern for pattern lock.

By default you can set either fingerprint lock or pattern lock to appear, you can change it any time also.

How to unlock:
First way to unlock is to press the lock icon and then scan your finger for a second, just release your finger, your screen will get unlocked. Also if you have set pattern lock as default in this application, then first create your pattern for unlock and remember that pattern. To unlock just create that pattern again. In any case by pressing the home button will take to your home screen of the phone.

Best thing in this application is that you will see transparent background while you run this application, and you will see digital clock as well as current date. In settings you can do vibration on or off, sounds on or off,set your. The Fingerprint Pattern Lock Screen helps to lock the phone using fingerprint and pattern lock.

Beautiful graphical interface has been designed in this application.

Note: Please note that it is not a biometric fingerprint scanner and no fingerprints are scanned. Your phone will not be permanently locked by this application, this application is made for fun purposes only and is just a prank so that you can have fun with your friends. Also by pressing home button, you can exit the lock screen at any time.

Please do not copy our idea, design, colors, description, interface, GUI, screenshots our icon or we will file DMCA request for copyright infringement with Google Inc.

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