Rage Comics Photo Editor

Rage Comics Photo Editor
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(2500 total ratings on Google Play)


Rage your face – now! Let the rage faces mania begin! Edit photos with cool rage face stickers and bring fun to your day! Memes are still very popular, so ''rage face'' all your friends! Laugh your heart out with this awesome image editing software! Download ☻ Rage Comics Photo Editor ☻ and create some hilarious rage pictures!

Easy to use interface!
30 funny stickers!
Edit photos from your gallery!
Edit your selfie photographs!
Add rage comics stickers with meme faces!
Share your funny faces pics on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram!
More meme faces coming soon!

☻Who doesn''t like to laugh all day? Put funny stickers on photos and have some hilarious moments with your friends. This popular photo editing software will help you create "funny images" with rage face stickers. Rage comics, funny faces and all other sorts of meme faces will help you create cute picsart! With this photo editor app you will get around 300 rage faces which you can stick to your already funny pics and instantly create amazing photo fun! Image editing has never been funnier! Download Meme Stickers-Fun Photo Editor
entirely free of charge and enjoy trolling your friends'' faces!

☻This totally crazy image editor app contains a collection of photo effects with funny faces – memes! If you like funny stickers on pics, you can create real foto art with this hilarious photo editing software! So, let the photofunia begin! Start making some trollfaces! Insta stickers are very IN right now so you must have this cool camera app on your smartphone! This image editor will also create some unforgettable laughing time – with your friends and family! Trollface camera effects will make you laugh like crazy! Create some funny images with “rage comics”and post them on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter – or all three! Show to your friends how funny you are!

☻ Let photo mania with meme stickers begin! This awesome photo editor will make your day! Upload a picture from your phone gallery or take a new funny picture right before you start messing with it and go wild! Choose a face in the crowd from the photo, think about what kind of “funny face” you want to stick over it, open the comic face gallery, where you can find 299 rage faces and make the switch. Download ☻ Rage Comics Photo Editor ☺ and have instant fun!

☻If the foto you have chosen to decorate is clear enough and has a resolution high enough the face recognition option in the photo app is activated. This means that the app will automatically choose a funny face from the face gallery and stick it over all the faces it has managed to recognize. Otherwise you will have to do it manually, by yourself since the face recognition feature in the app won''t work. The meme faces that the app picks are chosen randomly.

☻If stickers are not enough for you, play with text – you can write anything that comes to mind! Make a funny slogan to put on your photo over the funny faces, make additional fun out of your already messed up friends on the photo. Make it look hilarious! The text behaves the same way as the stickers on the photo, which means you can also move it around, scale it, zoom in, zoom out, choose whether you want it to be black or white. Put your imagination to the test, roll up your sleeves and be creative! You''ll have crazy fun! Rage stickers come in various shapes, every next funnier than the previous.

☻When you are done creating the funniest photo you can imagine, share your creation with the rest of the world. There is an option in the app for sharing pictures on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. If you choose so, you can share your pictures on all three of them. That''s up to you! This free app is a great pastime for any occasion, but it is particularly great for birthday parties! Stick the funniest angry face to the birthday boy or girl and they''ll laugh as hard as they can. Your friends will be thrilled with your new camera app.

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