Rubber Ducky Shooting Game

Rubber Ducky Shooting Game
(420 total ratings on Google Play)
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(420 total ratings on Google Play)


❧SOS, SOS! A poor baby has stranded in the sea and is being attacked by cruel marine animals. Hopefully, it''s got a powerful swim ring to shoot the enemies and wipe them all out. Are you ready to resist the attacks of the underwater sea world and help the poor baby overcome all obstacles on its way of reaching the coast? Play one of the most addicting shooting defense games for free and have infinite fun! Hurry up, the never ending sea adventure is about to begin! Download ❧Rubber Ducky Shooting Game❧ now!

➤A large cluster of sea animals is attacking your baby in waves;
➤Confront your enemies: sea urchins, crabs, octopuses;
➤Touch the screen to shoot, slide to fire continuously;
➤Thirty stages with experience levels;
➤Three types of bosses: hammerhead sharks, ray fish, angler fish;
➤Get a treasure chest with turrets for killing bosses after 10 completed stages;
➤Six different types of turrets – baby rubber rings: duck, frog, turtle, dragon, hippopotamus, dinosaur;
➤Choose an upgrade for each level: health, damage or fire rate;
➤One of the best free action games you could have!

❧Imagine you''re the only survivor of a shipwrecking accident, hopeless and lost at sea. In addition, you''re surrounded by all kinds of evil marine animals, exposed to their persistent attacks and you''re a poor little baby at that! In ❧Rubber Ducky Shooting Game❧ your goal is to try to defend that cute little creature from the evil attacks under the sea and prove you''re a true defender and the best animal shooter. A new super fun addicting defense game is finally available as an app for Android™ and it''s absolutely free to download. Who doesn''t love to play cool shooting games for free? If we add that this one also includes a cute little baby in its swim ring, we could surely recommend it as a super fun game for kids, for boys, for girls and adults as well. One of the most popular games that both you and your kids will enjoy playing!❧

❧Animal “shooting games” and turret defense games are extremely popular these days, but how can you really know which one will exactly meet your needs and expectations? In stead of playing classic tower “defense games” with guns or weapons why don''t you try a new type of shooter game with lots of interesting turrets, upgrades and settings that will entertain you all the time? ❧Rubber Duck Shooting Game❧ is a new free app that will become a favorite pastime for the whole family since it has something for everybody. A single tower defense gameplay, simple controls, amusing and appealing HD graphics make it a super fun action game for small kids and adults as well. ❧

❧Similar to animal hunting games and typical defence games, yet very unique and innovative, this new shooter abounds in lots of interesting stages and experience levels, unusual turrets and enjoyable settings. Simply, one of the most exciting TD games that you can download as a free app for Android in just a minute. Do not waste your time, defend your little baby hero from the cruel sea animals and put the long lasting invasion to an end. The rubber duck is ready to shoot. Start an amazing sea adventure by playing this incredible defender-shooting game now. ❧

❧Enter the sea world and have fun playing one of the best action games with levels! Prove you are a real animal hunter and a true defender by downloading one of the super fun games for children and adults. Continue to use our new free games 2013 and Android apps and your spare time will always be filled with absolute entertainment! Bear in mind this is a must have app for all fans of free shooting games and tower defense games and it''s only a click away from you! Don''t hesitate any longer; start playing our cool super games now! ❧Rubber Duck Shooting Game❧ is just one of them.❧

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