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Sky Live Wallpaper
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(510 total ratings on Google Play)


Sky Live Wallpaper will allow you to make the mysterious and alluring clear sky your personal paradise if you hurry up and download this amazing free live application. The gates of Heaven are opening just for you, immerse yourself in the fluffy clouds and rejoice in the sunny weather even when it is raining outside. Sail with the clouds “in the sky” - give your phone of tablet screen a serene look with a touch of mystery. Did you know that staring at blue color is not only soothing, but can also calm your nerves? What better way to test this theory than with new enchanting Sky Backgrounds?
- Amazing 3D live wallpaper for your phone!
- There is full support for landscape mode and home - screen switching!
- This beautiful, free and enjoyable background is waiting for you!
Installation instructions:
Home -> Menu -> Wallpapers -> Live Wallpapers
If you are a true romantic at heart and if you were in love with Sun Rise Free Live Wallpaper, the next logical step is for you to download “Sky Live Wallpaper” and truly enjoy yourself. You can be in high spirits at all times - just glace at the idyllic background wallpaper and the white clouds that are calmly sailing across the great blue. “Sky Wallpaper” allows you to fly like a bird and sail into the endless hue of the “blue sky”. Just spread your wings and conquer the greatest heights with the help of your mobile or tablet – this heavenly application is completely free. Feel the touch of feathery clouds and the cool breeze on your skin with this high definition wallpaper, while you feast your eyes on each and every “Sky Background” - the view is heavenly. The beautiful and vast dome over the Earth, the background of the clouds, sun, moon, and stars can be yours for free - majestic Sky Wallpaper will shine in all of its magnitude. Much like Happy Sky Live Wallpaper , this incredible live application will take your breath away with all those feathery clouds floating across the blue canvas.
Imagine the incredible morning light rays piercing their way through the fluffy clouds while creating a surreal and blissful atmosphere. You deserve to have such a sublime sight captured on your screen, don''t you agree? Did you adore exciting Weather Sky Live Wallpaper and its serene nature? In that case, you have found a new free heavenly app for Android™ that is perfect for you and your smartphone - download it and be prepared to be amazed and surprised! See the majestic planes and the beautiful balloons popping out and decorating the great blue from up close. Just imagine how incredible such high resolution “background wallpaper” will look on your screen.
This ingenious and almost surreal “live wallpaper” will amaze all your friends - just show them all azure Sky Backgrounds and be the center of attention. If you liked the amazing journey through the white clouds Blue Skies Free Live Wallpaper offered, you have found your new favorite animated wallpaper that will make you believe you can fly. With this sophisticated and fresh new app you will sail into the world of serenity and peace and experience bliss. See for yourself why “Sky Live Wallpaper” is the best on the market and don’t waste time - the mysterious and vast vault of heaven awaits.
*Android is a trademark of Google Inc.

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