World War Toy

World War Toy
(13.099k total ratings on Google Play)
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(13.099k total ratings on Google Play)


2014’s new can''t-miss strategy game-------World War Toy

The most unique war game of the year-------World War Toy

An exciting entertainment experience that will bring you back to your childhood days-------World War Toy

World War Toy is an action-packed strategy game in which players take on the role of a little kid, commanding toy soldiers to fight against the boss of the evil toys---Vicious. Your bedroom, the hallway, the living room and the backyard have all become enemy territory. What are you waiting for? Get back to your youth and lead your toy soldiers to victory!

Key Features:

1, Terrific graphics with a throwback theme

World War Toy will offer you a very unique mobile gaming experience. The rooms of your childhood home are your battlefield. Home appliances and furniture are your bases and barracks. Lead your favorite childhood toys into battle just like you used to! The quirky, catchy soundtrack ties the action together.

2, Fantastic combat system and fascinating strategic design

There are a lot of differences between World War Toy and regular strategy games. In World War Toy, you have the ability to call air strikes in addition to controlling ground units. Every unit in the game has an armor type and attack type. Each attack type has its strengths, be it armor piercing or splash damage. Attack range will also affect the flow of battle. It is up to you to exploit the full potential of the troops at hand and to properly employ defenses and air strikes. The battle is in your hands.

3, Evolution of play

Apart from leveling up units, upgrading buildings and completing research tasks, training your hero is also an essential part of this game. Teaming up with friends from all over the world ensures long lasting fun.

4, Finding friends with common interests in the game

You and your friends could join or form a union, combining your skills and putting your strategies to the test in the arena, where your valor can gain you riches and recognition. With enough work, you can bring down any enemies who stand in your way. Let’s roll!

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