True or False Game

True or False Game
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(900 total ratings on Google Play)


✱ This is one of the best trivia quiz with questions and answers – ♥TRUE or FALSE♥? Find out by playing! Lots of cool and fun facts about various topics and general knowledge questions are here to tickle your mind and offer you never ending fun – all available in a top free app - TRUE OR FALSE GAME! Test your wits with interesting facts and enjoy this awesome quiz test!✱
➤Answer with ''true or false'' to numerous questions from seven categories: urban culture, movie questions, animal facts, sports info, geography data, popular series and random facts about anything;
➤Pass two stages from a category to unlock the third one;
➤Pass all stages from the category to move to the next one;
➤Think fast – your time is running out (but you can buy some if you have enough coins);
➤Test your knowledge by playing this free trivia game and learn some interesting things along the way!
You''re looking for a quick and easy general knowledge quiz with questions and answers to while away a long day to entertain yourself and learn something new? You think you know a lot about pop culture, sports, geography, animals? Your fields of interest include movies and series? If yes, this free trivia quiz is something you must download! ♥TRUE OR FALSE GAME♥ for Android™ is the best collection of fun quiz questions for kids, teenagers or adults – absolute fun guaranteed for everyone! 
Playing this single player game is pretty simple: all you have to do is answer "true or false" questions as soon as possible because the clock is ticking (you have eight seconds for each question). Pass all questions from two categories to unlock the third one; when you finish it, you can move to the next category.
For all fans of music, movies and series this free quiz app is a perfect opportunity to test their knowledge on popular singers, actors, actresses and TV shows. Answering truth or false questions has never been so entertaining. With this super fun trivia game you can test your knowledge about popular culture and discover new fun facts along the way. No need for hesitation - download the top quiz app right now!
Additionally, ♥TRUE OR FALSE GAME♥ includes lots of funny facts for kids that will keep them entertained for hours. Camels have three eyelids to protect themselves from blowing sand? Starfish are the most intelligent sea animals? True or false? Download the app and test your wits!
Sports fans can also find interesting fun facts about different kinds of sport in this super exciting true false game. The most popular sport in India is cricket – yes or no? Get this "trivia quiz" and find out the answer.
And that''s not everything. If you like science quizzes or geography questions, you will surely enjoy this unique trivia game. Our planet belongs to the galaxy called The Milky Cocktail – is this true? Have fun answering such type of silly quiz questions and discover new things.
Most funny facts for kids and adults, attractive graphics, easy to use and above all, absolutely free – these are all great features that make this general quiz game one of a kind. Therefore, do not wait any longer: just download it for free and let the fun start.

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