What the Riddle? Puzzle Games

What the Riddle? Puzzle Games
(460 total ratings on Google Play)
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(460 total ratings on Google Play)


✭Stretch your mind with funny riddles with answers and keep your brain always in shape! Get ✭What''s the Riddle✭, a brand new free app with super exciting jokes and riddles that will amuse you for hours! One of the best word games for kids and adults definitely worth downloading! Get this fantastic brain teaser right now and enjoy playing it any time!✭
✔A great collection of easy and hard riddles to keep the brain activated!
✔New levels added weekly!
✔Guess the right answer using the scrambled letters and earn coins for each level!
✔Get sufficient number of coins to use hints/cheats: remove and reveal letters!
✔Skip levels if you''re stuck but no more than two times!
✔Get your brain thinking with this extremely fun puzzle game!
✔Funny jokes and riddles for the whole family!
✭If you''d like to spend some quality time playing educational games, this brand new brain teaser will be your perfect choice. Get What''s the Riddle free for your mobile device and train your brain solving a large number of funny tasks. This awesome learning game is an ideal combination of easy and hard questions both for kids and adults and, thus, presents a great way to have fun any time. Guess the answers to these little riddles using the mixed letters you''re given and and earn coins for each correct answer. In case you get stuck and you need some help, there are hints and cheats to help you get to the next level. Moreover, you can also skip levels but no more than two times. Certainly not a difficult game but a bit tricky and challenging at times.
✭Solving puzzles and other mind games is a very good and effective brain exercise and helps keeping the mind always active and in shape. If you like word guessing games, you will definitely love the new free app - ✭What the Riddle✭. These short jokes and ''what am I riddles'' based on wordplays and puns offer you a nice way to kill time and have lots of fun. Can you guess the word? ''I have four legs but no tail, usually I am heard only at night. What am I?'' ''What do you throw out to use and take in when you''re done?'' Have fun solving these funny brain teasers and see how many of them you''ll get right.
✭There are a lot of riddles which a person can find to solve. They have been solved from time immemorial and thus many people also solve them for the purpose of developing their brain. There are a lot of benefits and advantages which these games will have on people of all age groups. The first and the foremost thing about them is that they are very much fun. People love to find out and decode things which will also educate them at the same time. It is very vital that people indulge themselves in “mind games” and brain teasers which need great thinking in order to enhance their memory, focus, attention and flexibility for a sharp mind.
✭Solving riddles is an excellent activity for almost any age group. For children, it helps to teach them problem solving skills, and the ability to do deductive reasoning. For the elderly, it makes them think about things very deeply, and keeps their minds sharp.
✭If you''re searching for free riddles with solutions, you''re on the right spot. Better than any other “puzzle game”, this excellent brain teaser is certainly worth downloading, so don''t hesitate any longer – get it now and start playing!

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