Survival Race HD

Survival Race HD
(1600 total ratings on Google Play)
Wixel Studios Offshore / Action, Arcade
Downloads: 100k
(1600 total ratings on Google Play)


★★★★★★100% TOTALLY FREE★★★★★★

8.0/10 IGN.me “Survival Race is a mobile game for those looking for a challenge; Its masterfully designed levels give you the frustration that only old school games did.”

9.5/10 Tapscape “With great music, awesome graphics, and a great premise, this driving platformer is addictive fun!”

5 stars TheIphoneAppReview “Featuring everything from vicious monsters to complicated routes, Survival Race is promised to be a fast-paced app that provides hours of entertainment.”

4/5 IphoneAppsReviewOnline “This game has awesome features that gamers are raving about.”

This is it. Humankind’s last fight! And it doesn’t come simple-packaged. Race against time, outsmart path options, challenge your driving skills and slaughter flesh eating monsters. The world has put its last ultimatum in your hands: Life or Power Plants? You decide.

✓ Awesome graphics and challenging gameplay
✓ 3D Physics-based racing: action gameplay with 4 vehicles in 64 exciting tracks!
✓ Perform side wheelies to avoid obstacles and traps!
✓ Perform stunts and flips!
✓ 4 Exciting Region Environments: Jungle, Desert, Ice and Sky!
✓ Shoot Carnivorous plants with awesome weapons!
✓ Single player fun: Unlock tracks by beating different challenges
✓ Claim the top spot: Global and Friends Leader Boards let gamers compete against each other
✓ Fully optimized: blazing fast load times, instant restarts
✓ Upgrade your vehicle and customize your paint with your country''s flag!


After continuous attempts were being made for the protection of human life from climate change and environmental destruction, doomsday theories were on the rise.

The modification of plants physiology became a desperate measure - a last resort to saving what’s left of the world, as we know it. The co-habitation between man and plant suddenly became a thing of the past as the once-upon-a-time life enablers turned into flesh-eating Power Plants.

With millions of human lives taken away after several failed rescue missions; an unlikely dual combination of heroes rose up to the challenge. Abu Ahmad, the 60-year old botanical scientist who successfully cracked the Power Plants’ DNA and 30-year old Saudi all-star wheelie car race champion Salem.

Their mission is to secure Humankind’s existence from living in a constructed reserve under the protection of APTA, the Anti-Power Plants Terrorism Agency. With time obstacles, road challenges and merciless enemies on the loose, Life or Power Plants is the world’s new ultimatum.

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