Wonderful Live Wallpaper

Wonderful Live Wallpaper
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(350 total ratings on Google Play)


Feel like a million dollars with new Wonderful Live Wallpaper in your hands. The HD images of astounding and awe-inspiring nature will beautify your screen and leave you breathless! Every time you tap on the screen suns and flowers would appear. Download this app free and enjoy the beautiful landscapes on your phone or tablet screen background. Be the first of your friends to have the wonderful nature at hand. Get “Wonderful Live Wallpaper” free and shine on!

- Ideal live wallpaper for your mobile phone!
- Whenever you tap on the screen, a new sun appears!
- Five types of background styles – different pictures!
- Three types of speed of the floating objects: slow, normal, fast!
- Full support for landscape mode and home-screen switching!
- Choose this animated background and you won''t regret!
Follow the installation instructions:
Home -> Menu -> Wallpapers -> Live Wallpapers

Nature is full of wonder and mystery; it has inspired awe and even provoked fear in people since the beginning of time. You can tame it now, however, and admire its outstanding beauty daily, even when you’re in concrete jungles. By adding this cute wallpaper you’ll sweeten your life; it is a way to break your daily routine whenever you need to. Get back in touch with nature, and let it replenish your stocks of imagination and creativity; get a “wonderful life”.
Since nature is so miraculous, let’s take a look at some “interesting facts”.
To start with, did you know that butterflies cannot fly in the low temperatures? They are cold blooded and therefore rely on the sun to raise their body temperature so they can move. Butterflies are rendered stationary and unable to escape from predators or feed if the temperature falls below 55ºF. Another curios fact about them is that they actually have a sense of taste. They don''t have mouths that allow them to bite or chew; instead they have a long straw-like structure called a proboscis which they use to drink nectar and juices. The taste sensors located on the bottom of their feet check whether they should sit on that particular leaf or not. When she identifies the right plant, she lays her eggs.
Moving on, a blue whale’s tongue is heavier than an elephant, believe it or not. It is as long as 80 - 100 feet. Its tongue is so big that 40 - 50 men can stand on it. The tongue is heavier than an elephant. Its heart is the size of a car.
The Dead Sea is in reality not a sea, but a salt lake between Israel and Jordan. Due to the excessive salts and minerals, there is no marine life there thus it is named ‘The Dead sea’. Water from other streams and rivers flow into the Dead Sea but it does not flow out. You can float effortlessly or lay on the surface of the sea. This is because the high salt content in it makes you buoyant.

Download Wonderful Live Wallpaper now; it is a unique background for your phone that will pretty up your screen! Plus it’s free!

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