Jolt: Private Messaging & Call

Jolt: Private Messaging & Call
(2100 total ratings on Google Play)
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(2100 total ratings on Google Play)


Jolt Private Messaging and Calling provides gives you more privacy with Secure Messaging, Free user calling to anywhere in the world, Video message, Voice message, private social network called Ideas, Blast a contact, All inbox, email, Announce a message to a group, cloud back-up, complete contact system, and NSA proof security all with custom themes!

Jolt Private Messaging and Calling is the only complete communication mobile application that allows you to talk to anyone with Jolt anywhere in the world for FREE on a private NSA Proof secured platform!

Jolt Private Messaging and Calling Features Include:

FREE Jolt Wifi or Data Calling:

• Instantly call any other Jolt user
• Call to & from anywhere in the world
• Better call quality then using a cell phone.
• Receive Calls even if the app is not open
• Works on Tablets!

Simply type in the username or select from your contacts & make the call on any tablet or call phone anywhere in the world for FREE! App calling uses the wifi & data networks to Jolt each device instantly allowing for a faster, better, & clearer experience.

Messenger By Jolt Private Messaging and Calling:

• Instant messaging
• Group messaging
• Able to delete message that have already been sent
• Secured & encrypted
• Easily attach & send images to your friends that you can delete at any time!
• Message recovery, access all of you messages securely from any devise!

Video Mail by Jolt Private Messaging and Calling:
• Send a videomail to any other Jolt user
• Delete a videomail message at any time, even the ones you sent
• Streamed a videomail messages for security
• All video messages are deleted after 7 days for security unless a user favorites them

Ideas By Jolt Private Messaging and Calling:

• Ideas is a private secured social network. This means you start & control the conversation.
• Start a group conversation on any topic
• Add as many friends as you would like
• Only the owner can add a person
• You kick someone from an idea at any time & the idea will instantly be removed from their app
• Secured with encryption
• Attach & secure photos on Jolt: Secure Calls & Messenger
• Delete any message at anytime

Voice Mail by Jolt Private Messaging and Calling:

• Send a Voicemail message to any user
• Delete a Voicemail message at any time, even the ones you sent
• Streamed a Voicemail messages for security
• All voice messages are deleted after 7 days for security unless you favorites them

All Inbox by Jolt:

• All of your messages in one place
• As soon as you launch the app quickly see all of your messages

Blast by Jolt:
Need to get a hold of someone fast? Use blast to send a message to every method of contacting them that the app has permission to access & contact information on.

Announce by Jolt:

Quickly send short messages to whole group of people instantly. Announce allows you to email one person & message another by simply creating a group of contact.

Jolt Contact System:

• Our unique contact system allows for you to access your contacts securely from any device.
• Store phone numbers & quickly make calls on your cell device or using our app calling feature to call another user.
• Stores all contact information for quick access!
• Auto connects to new jolt users

Send emails straight through the mobile app
Retrieve your inbox of messages from Yahoo, Gmail, Apple, & many more!
WARNING: Email usually must be un-encrypted when sent. For true security & NSA proof protection use the app message or one of the many other features with-in this app.

Themes by Jolt:
Instantly change the colors & design of the application by selecting one of our custom themes!

Premium Features Include:

• Favoring videos & voice messages
• Unlimited App Calling
• Longer videos & voice messages
• Increased Security
• Unlimited Themes!

Jolt Secure Messaging and Calling is the only all-in one communication mobile app! Securely Message, Call, Video & Voice Message, Announce to anyone in the world!

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