Acapela TTS Voices

Acapela TTS Voices
(1400 total ratings on Google Play)
Acapela Group S.A. / Communication
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(1400 total ratings on Google Play)


*** !!!Warning!!! ***
The application is free but you need to buy at least one voice within the application to be able to use our TTS (In-app Billing - EUR 3.99/voices et EUR 11.99/kids Premium voices)

Acapela TTS allows you to buy and install our high quality voices and integrate them in your Android Device to use them with the system or any TTS compatible applications (such Google TalkBack, Google Maps, GPS Applications, Translator applications, ebook reader, news reader ...)

For questions & installation instruction, visit http://www.acapela-group.com/acapela-for-android/acapela-tts-voices-installation-instructions/
In case of issues, please write us an email (acapelavoices@acapela-for-android.com).


1/ Tap the application icon. However, beforehand, check that you have a valid data connection, as the app needs to contact the server to check voice status.
2/ If you have more than one Google account, select the one associated with your Google Play account.
WARNING: you will not be able to change this afterwards. In case of error, uninstall the application and install it again.
3/ Browse the list of voices retrieved from our servers.
4/ Tap on a voice and a menu will appear:
• ‘Listen to the voice’ allows you to test an of our voices with your own text
• ‘Buy’ will open an in-app Billing window, asking for confirmation of your purchase
5/ After purchase, the voice will appear with a download icon. Click on it and choose ‘download’.
6/ The voice will be downloaded. Note: the amount of data to download is between 20 & 30 MB.
7/ If this is the first time you have downloaded a voice, you will have to set up your device in order to set Acapela TTS as the default Text To Speech.
• Go to Android ‘Settings’ -> ‘Language & Input’ -> Text-to-Speech Settings’.
• Select ‘Acapela TTS’ then click on the settings icon in the right
• Select the voice you installed or the default voice option (see later chapter)
8/ Press "Listen to an Example" (mandatory, in order to activate the voice)

Default voice option

In Android ‘Settings’ -> ‘Language & Input’ -> Text-to-Speech Settings’ -> ‘Acapela TTS’ -> ''Settings'' you can now select a default voice instead of the explicit voice.
By doing that you can use a new system allowing you to switch between several Acapela voices directly in the application or using our widget.

To set the voice used simply open the application then press and hold to the voice you want to set as default voice (a yellow star will appear)
Or click on the widget to switch between all the voices.

By downloading this software, you accept implicitly our licensing agreement: http://www.acapela-for-android.com/license-agreement

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