Yahtzee! Free

Yahtzee! Free
(5800 total ratings on Google Play)
Computersmith / Strategy
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(5800 total ratings on Google Play)


Yahtzee! Free is a traditional Yahtzee dice game.

Some of our reviews:

- "The best I''ve ever seen in ANY format."

- "This is the one. I looked at all of them and this has it all -- great interface, official scoring, regular updates. Get it."

- "Love it! Brilliant version of the classic dice game."

- HD graphics
- 2 Game Screen layouts, plus 2 dice layouts (top or bottom)
- Ability to customize layout colors
- High scores saved to top 10 list for each game mode
- Lists can be cleared & backed up / restored
- Playing stats
- 3 game modes Traditional, Russian Roulette & Sequential
- 2 player network game mode
- Play against another player on another device on a local network
- Auto-connection makes it easy to set up & play a network game
- Manual connect mode for networks with UDP broadcasting blocked
- Multiplayer (up to 10 players) on the same device
- Dice roll and Yahtzee! sounds
- Simple interface
- Touch the dice you want to keep
- Touch the score you want to apply the turn to
- Leaderboards: Compare your scores with friends & other Yahtzee! players
- Achievements: Including Yahtzee!, 300 Club & 10 Games, plus hidden achievements

Use your skill to maximize your score by playing it safe, or throw caution to the wind and try to rack up multiple Yahtzees!

A Sequential game is one where each score must be allocated in the following order:

Left Side - 1''s to 6''s
Right Side - 3 of a Kind To Chance

When the game starts, all score categories are grayed out & disabled. After the first roll of each turn, the valid category for that turn is enabled & changed to white. After the 3 rolls for the turn are taken, the score must be allocated to the enabled category. The exception to this rule is if a Yahtzee is rolled. In this Case, the score can be allocated to Yahtzee & the sequence is resumed on the next turn. Subsequent Yahtzees are awarded a 100 point bonus, but the score must still be applied to the categories in sequence. Sequential mode has its own leaderboard.

One roll per turn & then you must assign a score - even if it has to be a zero somewhere. There is a strategy for maximizing your score - can you figure it out? Russian Roulette mode has its own leaderboard too! Click the Mode button on the right of the action bar to toggle between Traditional & Russian Roulette modes.

This is the FREE (ad supported) version of Yahtzee!

After each roll, all valid scores are highlighted in yellow so you can quickly decide where to apply the results. Where you place the score from each roll is up to you. There are thirteen turns of 3 rolls each per game. After each roll you can choose which dice to keep by touching them, then the remainder will be included in the next roll. At the end of the 3 rolls, you must assign the score before you can move on to the next turn. The first Yahtzee is worth 50 points and each subsequent Yahtzee will be rewarded with a 100 point bonus. If you score 63 or greater on the left side of the score card, you will get a 35 point bonus.

If your score is one of the top ten, you will be prompted to save it in the high score list at the end of the game.


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