Fast Bike Racing

Fast Bike Racing
(7000 total ratings on Google Play)
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(7000 total ratings on Google Play)


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Need some speed?

Just strap on your helmet, mount your motorcycle and drive the fastest you can because you are now a part of Fast Bike Racing. The biggest race of your life! If you grew up liking Road Rash, you are going to love Bike Racing!
First time in the history of Android moto racing, there comes a extreme bike game that is the perfect answer to your need for speed on a bike. It’s as realistic as it gets combining the laws of Physics and the adrenaline rush that one gets when racing an actual bike on the highway. Who needs to go head to head, car vs. car when we can go race bikes.

Fast Bike Racing Game Features
★A wide range of high-end bikes like Yamaha, Ducati to choose, these take bike extreme to the next level
★Realistic bike physics at play to give you an actual adrenaline rush
★High-end racing bikes out-speeding one another
★ Vibrant HD graphics in a sharp 3D simulator experience
★Guaranteed to be a favorite along with Need for Speed and Bike Racing
★ Extremely responsive accelerometer
★ Crazy addictive game-play
★Ultra smooth tilt controls
★Exciting bike race experience perfectly optimized for tablets and high-resolution devices
★Take a road trip and highway drive along the way

Fast Bike Racing Game Rules
★ Simply tilt your phone left to brake and right to accelerate
★ You have got to stay clear off the other bikes and obstacles to move forward
★ Platform is right for gaining high speeds like no other
★ Change the appearance of your bike and rider
★ Compete both online and offline to become the sole, undisputed king
★What makes it even better is the fact that it comes free!

The road always gets our fancy. Just one look at it and the racer in us all set to go vroooooom! Well, now you really can. Fast Bike Racing is here to rule the world of Xtreme gaming on Android. The unparalleled physics engine gives speed like never before but with so much control. You will not be able to believe your eyes when you are able to race as smooth as butter by using just the palm of your hand!

As you charge up for the ultimate bike race of your life, you get the option to choose both your look and the mean drag race bike to call your own. This means, you get to diversify your racing experience each time you log in. Yay! So, press the accelerator and launch off through a variety of designed-to-the-minutest-detail levels. Remember to go your fastest otherwise catching up with the opponents may be nothing more than a case of sour grapes. Just remember that only the tough ones last.

Fast Bike Racing is also unique in offering both online and offline competitions. Be bold and challenge thousands of players to win and make it to the top of the global leaderboards. As you make more money, you can combine upgrades to stand first in the race line up and even get the fastest bike on the planet.

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