Hunt The Deer

Hunt The Deer
(4900 total ratings on Google Play)
App Interactive Studio / Arcade
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(4900 total ratings on Google Play)


*** Disclaimer: No real animal was harmed in the making of this game ***

Prepare to experience the thrills of the evergreen centre of all excitement – the Jungle! It is here the jungle animals run in the wild, so it is here that your hunting skills will be tested to their potential.
Grab your sniper rifle and shoot the START board and you are all set for the biggest deer hunting adventure of your life with Hunt The Deer.

Taking inspiration from a real-life deer hunting expedition, Hunt The Deer lets you enjoy the thrills of being a jungle hunter. This free hunting game comes with a brilliant 3D jungle environment and sharp HD graphics. 3D deer move around, grazing in the grass while novice and expert deer hunters like you can take aim and shoot.

Enter the jungle and spot the deer. The arrows on the left let you move forward, backward, left and right. So, take the most strategic vantage point for that perfect aim. Don’t venture too close to the deer for you may just shoo it away. Once you have identified your target, choose the WEAPON option and your person will be armed with a rifle. If the deer is far way, press ZOOM to take aim through the sniper lens and FIRE the shot. If you are feeling especially lucky, you can shoot without aiming through the zoom lens. Time is of the essence as you get only 60 seconds to hunt down a deer. Are your reflexes quick enough? Let’s find out…

A little hunting tip: The deer likes to hide behind the bushes when scared.

- An exciting hunting game for free
- First-person perspective
- Real-life deer hunting experience
- 3D environment
- Console quality HD graphics
- 3D deer
- Ability to move to strategic vantage points to shoot the animal
- Option of taking aim through sniper lens for smart hunting

Purchase the full version to get a ad free app and 5 min in Jungle. Walk and hunt unlimited Deers in paid version.

Hunt The Deer is an incredible, hunting game play that comes to you from the makes of Drag Race Venice, Zombie Shooter, Bike Racing.

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