ai.type Keyboard - Free Emoji

ai.type Keyboard - Free Emoji
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A.I.type / Productivity
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(250k total ratings on Google Play)


Over 20 million users enjoy ai.type!
*** Trial version – Unique features will be available for 14 days only (other features are unlimited!). ***
Now launching a brand new premium Keyboardn with emoji support, improved next word prediction capabilities and a refreshing ‘FLAT’ design, ai.type is the smartest Android keyboard with context aware features. ai.type enables next word prediction, completion, correction, spelling and grammar check as you type. It’s among the 10 leading productivity apps in over 40 countries.

Customize your writing experience with endless options. Control keyboard layout, change themes, colors, fonts, use more then 800 emoji, replace keys and build your own customized keyboard!

ai.type reduces the time you spend on typing by 40%!
Our unique self-learning technology, allows us to precisely predict what you want to say. ai.type will learn to understand your pattern of typing, predict the next word, and complete or correct words as you type. We also allow you to have an instant spelling and grammar check using Ginger’s great plugin embedded in your keyboard.

Customize, enjoy and stay protected!
Next Word Prediction & Auto-Correction A unique context based next word prediction and auto-correction tool.
Emoji use one of 800 emoji to color your text.
Grammar Check English instant spelling and grammar checker, powered by Ginger Software.
Customization We offer 15 FREE included keyboard themes in addition to premium themes available on the market. Customize everything from key colors, background pictures and keyboard patterns; add a 5th row to your keyboard to use letters and digits on the same time or re-size the keyboard with a simple swipe. You can edit and store your own shortcuts for you to use while typing.
Personal Style ai.type learns your unique, personal writing style, offering better prediction and auto-correction options.
Swipe Type faster by swiping your finger from key to key.
Voice Narration Dictates the words as you type them
Dynamic Sizing Change the keyboard size dynamically to optimize the effective working area.
Search A new on-keyboard search tool is enabled
Fun Try out our addictive typing mechanics, making typing fun and engaging.
Privacy Your privacy is our main concern. We will never share your data or learn from password fields. Text stays encrypted and private.

Please contact support@aitype.com with any feedback, issues or suggestions

AI-Keyboard provides prediction capabilities in the following languages:
1. Arabic - العربية
2. Albanian - shqip
3. Belarusian -беларуская
4. Bulgarian - български
5. Catalan - català
6. Croatian - hrvatski
7. Czech - Čeština
8. Danish - danske
9. Dutch – Nederlands
10. English
11. Estonian - eesti keel
12. Finnish - suomalainen
13. French - français
14. German - Deutsch
15. Greek - ελληνικά
16. Hebrew - עברית
17. Hungarian - magyar
18. Indonesian - Bahasa
19. Italian - italiano
20. Korean - 한국어/조선말
21. Latvian - latviešu
22. Lithuanian - lietuviu
23. Macedonian - македонски јазик
24. Norwegian – norsk bokmal
25. Persian - پارسی
26. Polish - polonez
27. Portuguese – português
28. Romanian - român
29. Russian – русский
30. Serbian - српски
31. Slovak - slovenčina
32. Slovenian - slovenščina
33. Spanish – español
34. Swedish - svensk
35. Turkish – Türk
36. Ukranian - українська мова
37. Vietnamese - Tiếng Việt
and more

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