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صحيفة المدينة - Almadina
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AlMadena Newspaper / News
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Al Madina Newspaper

Establishment and Starting off

Al Madina Newspaper was established by Ali & Osman Hafiz in the city of Almadina Al-Munawwarah, on Thursday, the 26 of Muharram 1356H corresponding to the 8th of April 1937G. 1n 1383 H corresponding to 1963G, the ownership of the newspaper was transferred to Al Madina Press Group. Through more than half a century, the paper was developed from a single daily newspaper to a prominent media mix aiming to satisfy Saudi and other readers inside and outside the country.

The First Newspaper to Publish a Photo
At that early time, Al Madina was released in 4 pages only; on weekly basis. It was the first newspaper to publish photographs. Since then, the newspaper has been concerned of enlightening its readers with news and articles of knowledge and culture of all kind. Amin Madani was the first editor-in-chief of Al Madina news, however, Osman Hafiz on 19 Rabie Althani, the owner of the newspaper became the chief editor with a partnership in editing responsibilities from his brother Ali Hafiz who joined in the 26th of Jamadi Alawwal 1358H. Both brothers became then the owners and chief editors of the paper. The newspaper set forward to be issued twice a week. The headquarters of the newspaper was in the city of al-Madina Al Munawwara till the beginning of 1383H when on the 4th of Safar the same year the Newspaper shifted its location to be issued from Jeddah. Hisham Hafiz became the editor-in-chief, Mohammed Ali Hafiz the editing manager and Khalid Hafiz was appointed an administration manager. In Jeddah Almadina News became a daily newspaper with one day off .The first issue in Jeddah was released on the 27th of Rajab 1382H.
At that time al Madina newspaper began sponsoring national projects and ideas such as the call for the expansion of The Two Holy Mosques, and The call for a national university. What editors of Al Madina wrote in its pages on this issue led latter to constructing King Abdul Aziz University by our government.

Al Madina Press Group: Facts and Figures

During the current period as an establishment and a press group Al Madina is highly developed. The portfolio of titles has grown larger to include other publications. The reach and penetration of the newspaper is noticed to be strong and high during the recent years, the number of pages of the daily paper has increased the quality of printing process and layout is better. The paper is considered to be the leading newspaper in color printing among all other local newspapers due to its high quality of color reproduction. As a Press Group al Madina is now a vast establishment with offices in Holy Makkah, AlMadina almunawwara, Riyadh, Taif, Yanbu, Abha, Qasim, Baha, tabuk,Hail and other offices inside the Kingdom beside the offices abroad in Bahrain, Tunisia, Khartoum, Washington, and London. Till 1402 the newspaper has correspondents in Casablanca, Beiruth, Oman, Dakar, karatchi, Newyork, Paris, Bonn, and Tokyo.
The largest Printing machine
Alilm Press House, one of AlMadina group branches, has been provided with the largest printing machine in Saudi Arabia which enables the newspaper to be published everyday for the whole year without off days .the first issue of Al Madina in its new phase without a day of the week off was released on Friday the 20th of Safar 1402H. Pages of the newspaper has been increased to reach 24. The number of pages then ranges latter between 32 and 36 and sometimes jumps to 48 pages.
Al-Madina 70 Years of success
Al-Madina Press group is committed to be the leader in providing instant means to the Saudi and Arab readers in the Kingdom and abroad who will have from now onwards easy and quick access for the latest Saudi news on one hand and to cope with the latest printing and publishing technology on the other hand.
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