Irish Safety Camera Locations

Irish Safety Camera Locations
(110 total ratings on Google Play)
Alan Cowap / Travel
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(110 total ratings on Google Play)


This app gives you advance warning when you approach one of the 500+ Garda Safety Camera locations (speed vans) dotted throughout Ireland.
The main features are:
1) Warns you when approaching a Garda safety camera location.
2) No data connection is required so there is no cost using this app.
3) Uses bare minimum of system resources and runs quietly in the background.
4) A speed camera icon in the status bar lets you know the app is running.
5) Warnings use sound, light and vibration to make sure you''re informed and drive accordingly :)
6) This app warns of 500+ Garda safety van locations only (it doesn''t include GATSOs, or Gardai at the side of the road).
7) It''s totally free and contains no ads.

Changes in this version, are listed at the bottom of this description. I''m already working on some improvements for the next release, these are suggestions from you the users (feel free to email me). Thank you for your generous feedback which is appreciated, listened to, and acted on :)
In the next release I plan to give you options to set how you want the app to act - more power to you!

Note that, no GPS signal = no location = no warning! So, when using this app please ensure the phone has visibility of the GPS satellites. Best location is screen mounted or atop your dashboard - & make sure it''s securely fixed - you don''t want your nice phone flying through the air when you hit the anchors, or do that J-turn like you saw in the movies :)

A big bonus is this app DOES NOT require internet access. So it won''t cost you money, and it won''t use up any of your data allowance. Once installed it simply uses your GPS location and an efficient database of safety camera locations to keep you protected.

This app is ultra-lightweight and uses the bare minimum of your phones resources (storage, memory, CPU, battery). Even when your phone screen has timed-out and is in sleep mode, this app continues to function. It sits quietly in the background, periodically checking your location, and warns you only when and where necessary. (Note that turning the screen on during an alert (introduced in version 1.2) will use a bit more battery; so I will make this optional when I release version 1.3)

Each warning consists of four parts:
1) A siren will sound on the phone
2) The phone will vibrate
3) The phones LED will flash (green, if your phone supports it)
4) A red speed camera icon will appear in the notification area

When you exit a zone there are 3 indications:
1) An "angelic harp sound" (thanks Steve!) plays
2) The red speed camera is removed from the Notification Area
3) The screen turns off (if it was off)

The app is designed to run in the background without you needing to interact with it. However, there is also a simple screen with 5 buttons which allow you to Start and Stop the app, view the speed camera locations (requires web browser and internet connection), ''Test Safety Camera Alert'' and test the database is ok. This screen can be accessed by touching the app icon (safety camera icon) on your phone, or by selecting it from the notification area (if the app is already running).

The test button allows you to simulate entering a safety camera zone. Pressing the button creates a mock-warning, so you will know what to expect when it happens for real on the road!
From version 1.2, following user requests, the app will wake the screen up to show the warning notification, while also sounding and vibrating. As mentioned earlier, these will all be optional for version 1.3.
The ''Check Database'' button will check the database is OK, it should be 100%, but if it''s not you should uninstall and reinstall the app.

I am continuing to develop this app so if you have feature requests please let me know via email, and please leave feedback and a rating. I hope you like the app and it serves you well.

However you choose to go, GoSafe!
Al :)

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