Highland Truck Driver Car Sim

Highland Truck Driver Car Sim
(4900 total ratings on Google Play)
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(4900 total ratings on Google Play)


This latest game falls under an adventure game for computer gaming enthusiasts. Players need to cross few levels in order to emerge as a winner. Highland Trucker Driver is an adventure drive that would certainly keep gamers glued to the screens of their tablets.

No matter in which age group do you belong, the challenges of this game are definitely scintillating. They attract the attention of tablet gamers. Kids, teenagers and even grown-ups would love to engage in such an innovative tablet game.

Playing options
Use pedals and arrows to drive the truck.
About the game
The player needs to choose favorite truck from few options. The game has a number of tasks –
Bonus level
Test Drive
Dynamite Express
Water Tanks

Players get the advantage to select their favorite task.
In the first stage, players need to drive a truck using the pedals and arrows and attach a trailer along with the truck. Players need to find a green circle as fast as they can. The first stage completes once the player reaches the green circle.

After successfully completing the test stage, the program asks the player if he or she is ready to face the real test.
Now begins the second round which is certainly full of a number of challenges. Players get a chance to select their favorite truck again.

Players need to find a trailer full of dynamites and attach it with the truck. After that, the player needs to drive the dynamite loaded trailer into a crater.

The quest also requires finding a trailer. The greatest challenge in all these adventure is to avoid a crazy train that appears from nowhere. The train also travels over the road, jumping the railway tracks. It is the duty of the player to save the truck from any kind of contact or collision with the crazy train.

On the way, players would also encounter a number of farmers and has to feed them water. In the process, the player also has to search for water tanks and bring those to nearest tractor.

Now just go through the games and master the skill to handle the truck efficiently. Try to complete the levels as fast as possible. Remember to dive safely, beating any chances to meet with an accident with the crazy train on your way.

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