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Age Calculator canine free
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Age calculator lets you control barking of your dog''s age and the other hand to know what your age if you were serious dog.

Find out the age of our dog has become a curiosity rather than a necessity. But we must not forget that this knowledge is essential to meet the needs of our dog at each stage of your life.

Many people believe that multiplying by 7 every year of the dog can be approximated his age in human years. This is not correct because their physiological development does not follow the same rate as ours. Having an accurate estimate of its size must attend as not all breeds live the same. The largest can live an average of 12 years, considering them as seniors when they reach 8 or 9 years, compared to 16 who can live a small breed. This depends on the quality of life that makes the dog, good nutrition, hygiene, disease prevention and vet visits.

A wide variety of sizes, on the other hand, generates a great diversity of life expectancy, so that American scientists have developed calculations to determine the age of the dogs of their size.

The longevity of dogs varies from one race to another, but usually smaller breeds live longer than larger. Smaller dogs often live to the age of fifteen or sixteen, while larger dogs may have a life expectancy of only half. Amid all races are intermediate. The oldest dog on record an Australian Cattle Dog named Bluey, died in 1939 at the age of twenty-nine. The sterilization of the animal can extend or shorten its life, reducing the risk of diseases like pyometra in females and testicular cancer in males. It also reduces the risk of accidents and injuries, as unsterilized dogs fight and run away more. Furthermore, the castration of male favors the onset of prostate cancer, a disease that can dramatically shorten the life of the animal.

Pusuke (1985 - 2011) was the world''s oldest dog, registered in the "Guinness Book of Records" from December 2010 until his death.
It was a Japanese dog breed Shiba Inu and lived 26 years and 9 months. Pusuke had the equivalent of 125 years of a human being. In 2008, he was near death after being beaten, but managed to recover after surgery.
The organization of the "Book of Records" recorded it, after checking their vaccination documents and registration of animals in the city. However, age did not exceed the historical record of the dog Bluey, who lived between 1910 and 1939, dying at age 29.

The huge variety of morphologies in different dog breeds is difficult to determine the size and weight of dogs means. With a height of between 71 and 90 cm, the Irish greyhound is the tallest dog breed, although some specimens of great Danish exceed this size, reaching 107 cm. The smallest breed of dog is the Chihuahua, with a size of 15-25 cm at the withers. With an average weight of between 1.5 and 3 kg, and in some cases, may not exceed 500 gr-, Chihuahuas are also lighter dogs, English Mastiffs and St. Bernards are heavier dogs with a weight that can reach more than 75 or 80 kg.

This calculator lets you control barking age the age of your dog and also the other side to know what your age if you were serious dog.

Remember how important it is to keep your dog healthy and take him to the vet regularly.

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