Car alarm security free

Car alarm security free
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(2700 total ratings on Google Play)


Car alarm security, is an application that uses motion sensors to alarm.

The theft of phones is on the agenda in any city. Aware of this, the developers of the company Amdroid incorporate this tool as part of a standard anti-theft system for most of its models, but these theft still occur. It helps to avoid specialized thieves know beforehand the operation of these systems pose further improvement to achieve greater security ..

In order to solve this problem, it is increasingly investing in the development of more effective anti-theft items and alarms with GPS positioning or by phone. Which will be implemented in future versions.

tired of reading your posts when you leave your phone on the table?
Tired of your friends use your phone without your permission?
Tired of using your phone without you noticing?
tired of forgetting where you left your phone?
tired of tremors grip at midnight when you sleep?

This is an application that detects external to the cell movements according to the set sensitivity level can detect an earthquake, earthquake, tsunami, explosion.

Sensitivity level
(These values ​​are approximate, according to the equipment used may vary)
From 0-3: detects tremors, earthquakes, tsunamis, explosions ...
From 3-5: Detects when someone lifts the table cell
From 6-20: Detects strong cell movements.
From 20-30: mild cellular drop.
From 30-50: Fall of strong cell.

Its use is very easy

First: Select the alarm you want the last option "phone alarm" reproduces the set alarm on your phone the other options already have a preset sound.
Second: Set the sensitivity level according to their use.
Third: Touch to activate the lock.
Fourth: Applicative be activated after 5 seconds.

It has several car alarms, ambulance, fire, emergency, among others.
(Also works in block mode)

Available in the following countries Mexico, Spain, Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Brazil, Peru, Ecuador, Panama, El Salvador, Costa Rica, Latin America, USA and all Spanish-speaking countries.

Choose your own alarm sound!
Have fun!

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