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Caller Locator
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Arnaud MEYNIEL / Tools
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(1000 total ratings on Google Play)


When your phone is ringing, Caller Locator uses the incoming telephone number to display the caller''s geographical location (country, state, ...). This can help determining who''s calling when the incoming number is not in your contact list. This is even more useful for foreign numbers the origin of which is sometimes hard to determine alone.

Install this application now, LAUNCH IT AT LEAST ONCE TO ACTIVATE IT (security rule since Android 3.1) and just wait for the next call!

Note: Despite of tests on numerous devices, this app might not work on your phone (notably with certain lock-screens). Troubleshooting options are available in the settings. If none of them helps, you can uninstall this free and ad-free app with no need to rank it bad or to post a bad comment ;-)

Caller Locator also provides three additional features:
* Add personal telephonic prefixes to recognize organizations you know or be more precise for locations of which you know the prefix.
* Vibrate at the end of a call to confirm that the conversation has ended.
* Display the call duration when call ends (beta).

* The calling country is always mentioned.
* When the call comes from a landline phone, a more precise position (such as state, region or department) is given for certain countries: U.S., Canada, India, United Kingdom, France, Switzerland.

* Locating the caller is only based on the incoming phone number.
* So this application does not physically geolocalize the caller because to date, this is not technically feasible.
* Mobile originated calls will thus always be localized as if calls were emitted from their original country.
* The localization process can thus also be wrong if caller has a ported number.
* The localization can be impossible to achieve when the phone, its SIM card and the calling country do not match (travel or imported mobile)

* Access to contacts: needed to prevent displaying location of your known contacts when this option is active
* Read phone state: to detect phone ringing
* Hardware controls: to vibrate at end of calls when this option is active
* Display system alerts: to display the notifications even when the screen is locked
* Note that this app requests no network access and so cannot steal any information on your device

100% free - no ads (except for my other app) - SD card install possible – No network access requested

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