Old Face - before die

Old Face - before die
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Have you ever asked until what age will you live?
How will your face when you grow old?
What will be the cause of your death?
If you''re not afraid to get to know all this and you are not superstitious, you should try this application now!
Take a picture of your face and wait for the outcome of the powerful algorithm of face recognition and human aging.
Our mainframes will make a powerful analysis of your face and a forecast based on spectral analysis Hyber-futuristic.
After a few minutes you will see the image in a few years or decade will be affixed to your grave.
Many believe that this application is a joke, but it is based on years of research in the laboratories of our scientists, in order to predict our aging and our death date.
Until a few years ago would have been unimaginable even guess the gender of a human being before birth.
Science has made ​​progress and finally was able to show a preview of how reliable our tombstone will appear.
You can use the application to affect the fate or change the future.
Your face in many years may appear different from the present one because the future will be a lot of use in facial transplantation surgery.
The cause of death shown by our prediction can not be subverted, needless to stay at home or try to make a mockery of the Creator.
At the moment the application only works on the faces of human male. Our scientists are working on the female version.
The application does not work with the faces of animals, could affect the death of his master.
At the end of the photos you share on facebook the image so that the spread of this discovery to all mankind.
After making the share on facebook you can also see when your friends die and the prediction of their face dead.

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