optical illusion magic pics

optical illusion magic pics
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In this application for Android present a series of optical illusions among the most extravagant and shocking on the network. Images are absurd, impossible figures that deceive the human eye.
Most optical illusions depend on our eyes. Of the five senses, we rely heavily on our sense of sight, which in turn makes us prone to these tricks.

An illusion is a distortion of a sensory perception, caused by the way in which the brain normally organizes and interprets the information it receives. Illusions can involve all the senses, but visual ones are the most famous and well-known, since the view often prevails over the other senses.
It differs from hallucination, which is a characteristic of schizophrenia. The hallucination is also referred to as "perception without an object."
In the case of illusion, the subject perceives reality, but, for various reasons, alter this perception.
The optical illusion is a vision of objects that do not exist (impossible objects) - figures that are distorted with respect to the perceived reality (metamorphopsia) - figures that, if you look long, seem to move or deform - figures that, if you look long , influence the perception of figures examined immediately after.
A mirage is an example of natural illusion due to an optical phenomenon. The change in the apparent size of the Moon (smaller when overhead, larger when near the horizon) is another natural illusion.

in this collection you will find:
---- Geometric illusions:
Are cognitive illusions in which it is erroneously perceived geometry of the image or part of it. For example, parallel lines are perceived as divergent, convergent, or curves. In other cases two elements that are the same size are received with different dimension. The effect may be caused by the fact that an area of ​​light color tends to be perceived as wider than the same area of ​​dark color.

---- Illusions perspective:
To represent three-dimensional images on a flat surface using techniques of perspective projection. In some situations, however, the representation is ambiguous, and the human brain tends to construct the representation best suited to normal, or is torn between two possible situations, as in the Necker cube. You have the paradoxes of perspective.

---- Illusions of movement:
In these illusions one perceives a movement of some image elements that obviously, being printed on a sheet of paper are necessarily properties like for example, The 9 wheels.
Other illusions of movement are those which relate to the different ways in which one can perceive the movement itself, such as, for example, the direction of rotation of the rotatable Ballerina, which seems to change, together with the supporting leg, thanks to the pattern of the figure and the rotation movement associated with the absence of volume.

---- Illusions of color and contrast:

In this particular play of contrast illusions lead us to judge color or gray level two different areas that are actually identical. As efforts are made to look at the image, you are not able to convince himself that the two areas are the same color. The processing with software for image manipulation easily shows how the two squares are actually colored in the same shade of gray.

The images in this collection can be used as a background of the mobile phone or stored in memory.
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