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Secret Sms
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From Today all your sms or your most intimates secrets messages are safe !
All sms sent or received from a list of secret numbers will deleted from sms application of your phone.
No icon or launcher icon will appear after the installation of the app.

1 For start the application : make a fake call to telephon number: 12345

2 Insert the pin code 0000

3 End

4 Reboot the mobile phone at end of installation

5 (Optional): change the pin code.

How to manage the app:

1 - add all the information of your secret contact that don''t want to leave traces on your phone.

2 - and ... it''s all ! You can now texting in peace as you did before .. (now you are safe)

How to understand that I have an incoming sms:

- No icon visual notification will warn you that you received a message, you will hear only your default beep warning incoming sms.
- If I do not hear it then it is even easier when unlocking the phone you will find the home screen open of the application sms then it means that you''ve got something.
- Join in the app by dialing the phone number 12345 and read your text messages.

From now on all your text messages and your most intimate secrets will be safe!

So concluding ...

Now you have a your secret sms list hidden in your phone.

All sms sent or received from a list of secret numbers will deleted from sms application of your phone and they stored in a secret app that live in silent mode inside your mobile phone.

Don''t worry if the most trusted person to witch you could not deny nothing such as your wife, your husband, your girlfriend or boyfriend or all those person or friends that you can''t say "No,I don''t give you the password of my mobile phone" can read your private sms, because your private ams are totally hidden in the phone!

Only you will be aware of their existence !

Warning !! :
The app isn''t supported on kitkat os version .
see more details here :


(we are working to find a solution )

The app is released in trial version , so you can try it and only if you are satisfied can decide to get the pro version.

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Integration with Facebook contacts .

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