Digital Alarm Clock

Digital Alarm Clock
(28.165k total ratings on Google Play)
Zabamobile Ltd. / Tools
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(28.165k total ratings on Google Play)


Digital Alarm Clock is an ultra reliable, great to look at and easy to use alarm clock that can be customized to your needs. Digital Alarm Clock replaces any bedside clock and offers a completely new way to use your device.

Highlighted features to give you a taste!
★ Speaking Clock - Tap to hear the time.
★ Nap Timer - Quickly set a nap alarm in 2 clicks!
★ Animated Buttons with glow effect - auto show and hide.
★ Moving Display - The display slowly moves down the screen to avoid screen burn in issues.
★ Unlimited alarms with great options including Tone presets or WAKE TO YOUR MUSIC, Fade in alarm, Shake to snooze, Date - be reminded of that important occasion, Max number of snoozes and much more.
★ Pinch to resize the display or leave it filling the screen, great for those who want to see it from across the room.
★ Brightness and volume settings for day and night time use.
★ In app nightlight - no need for other apps.
★ Silence notifications and ensure a peaceful sleep.
★ On screen battery level.
★ Completely customizable - Day, Date, Seconds, AM/PM, Date format, 24/12 hour, colors, Flashing separator, Fixed orientation.
★ Great selection of digital fonts to personalize your clock.
★ Auto start/stop the app when plugging/unplugging your charger.

After reviewing the fantastic user feedback and reviews, we know that you want an alarm clock that suits your exact needs and this Digital Alarm Clock puts you in control! Its all set up ready to go and the default display looks amazing - or you can customise this alarm clock to look and behaviour any way you like.
Drift off to sleep, safe in the knowledge that the alarm clock will reliably wake you up, the way you want to be woken, either gently or with a nudge!
This Digital Alarm Clock even knows when its time for bed. Simply plug in your charger or dock your device and the clock will automatically be shown along with other useful information including the next alarm time.
Try it now and find another practical use for your device.

If you use task killers such as "Advanced Task Killer" you must exclude Digital Alarm Clock. Task killers will also kill the underlying alarm service used reducing reliability.
All permissions are requested for legitimate uses for the application. Please drop me an email for further clarification.
If you have any questions, please drop me an email and I will be happy to help.

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