Diner City

Diner City
(3000 total ratings on Google Play)
Animoca Collective / Casual
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(3000 total ratings on Google Play)


Ever dreamed of having your own restaurant? Start today with Diner City!

This 3D diner tests your ability to run a successful business by cooking up delicious meals and serving them to cute customers! Need Help? Hire your own staff! You have a selection of different characters, each with their own strengths to help your diner succeed!

The realism steps up with demanding customers! Don''t make them wait too long, or they''ll leave your diner and may not give you that second chance! If you run your restaurant well, there will be VIP customers that shows up to give you that extra reward that your diner deserves!

It''s your diner.. so put your personal touches on it! As your cafe business improves, grow the business literally by expanding the space and designing it any way you want! We have a large selection of interior design items to make your diner represent you.

Game Play:

- Hire and train staff to help with your ever expanding diner.- Design your diner with many of our unique decorations.
- Each VIP has different abilities and bonuses that help you along the way.
- Unlock more dishes as you level up!
- It''s a 3D game! You can play around with the camera angles and get a desired view to run your diner.
- Watch out for special events! They can be found all over the map. Some are even hidden behind walls, so you will need to rotate your camera to find them. They are fun and rewarding!
- Visit your neighbors'' diner! See who has the best looking diner in town! Collect tips from your friends!

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