Panda Run

Panda Run
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Animoca Collective / Casual
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(7300 total ratings on Google Play)


Brace yourself for a crouching start in this action-packed game set in the streets of ancient Chinese cities! Panda Run is a FREE innovative, fast-paced running game featuring an adorably cute running panda bear. Are you ready to test your speed, reflexes, and endurance?

Tilt your device to steer Swipe up on the screen to jump Swipe down to slide under obstacles. Swipe left or right to turn. Timing is important!

On your Mark!
Welcome to ancient China, a place of mystique and ancient treasures. The exotic landscape bustles with life and color, and the maze-like streets hide mysteries and dark secrets. Here also are many dangers, including the most dangerous gang in the Orient: the Panda Triad.

Our hero Super Panda was targeted by the Panda Triad and robbed repeatedly by the dirty mafia of the Far East. Now, there is only one thing Super Panda can do, and that is escape the gangsters!

Get Set... Go!
The Triad sent one of their toughest assassins after Super Panda, but you can help. Guide Super Panda on a mad dash through various scenic locations in China as he attempts to avoid the clutches of the evil Triad. Running may seem easy, but just one stumble and our hero could fall into the hands of the enemy!

In it for the Long Run
Help Super Panda survive the lengthy and tiring pursuit! As you guide him through the twists and turns of the cities and jungle, you''ll come across coins and various power-ups that can help Super Panda in his quest to escape. Gather enough coins, and you''d be able to purchase gear and boosts to help Super Panda pick up speed and beat the heat, or even unlock more characters!

"You can run,
but you can''t hide.
When I catch you,
I''ll skin your hide."

So Lin
Dragon Head, Panda Triad

**Please note that while the app is free, it contains paid content for real money that can be purchased upon users'' wish to enhance their gaming experience. You can disable in-app purchases by adjusting your device''s settings. **

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