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Police Radar
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(1400 total ratings on Google Play)


Police Radar is a free radar scanner application for detecting the nearby presence of law enforcement officials. You would be wise not to leave home without. Consider, this day in age when police are roaming the streets all over the place, wouldn''t you love to be able to tip the balance to your side and detect them before they detect you? With this handy police radar, you can do just that!

Police Radar is meant for entertainment purposes only. The accuracy of the radar cannot be guaranteed to be good enough to allow the user to avoid being detected by police. Please do not speed, and please obey all local laws. Remember, crime doesn''t pay. But fooling your friends with this sweet police radar app does!

Since the last update of Police Radar, many cool new and exciting features have been implemented, including:

Facebook Integration - Optional of course, but you can now sign in to Police Radar using your Facebook id and share all of the recent police activity that your scanner has detected!

Pigspeak - Pigspeak is the patented new police early warning system. Turning it on will allow the app to actually talk to you, warning you of nearby police activity!

Recent Activity List - The app now stores a backlog of all of the recent police activity that you picked up on the radar.

Smokey Tracker 5000 - The brand new Smokey Tracker 5000 utilizes your location and sends all new police activity that your scanner picks up to our high tech police avoidance database. No personal information of yours is saved. You can then fire up the Smokey Tracker 5000 interactive mapping system and view all of the latest police activity world wide!

Share Police Radar with your friends - The app now allows you to share it with your friends so that you can quickly and easily get your whole crew on the Police Radar bandwagon.

I am always looking to update and improve upon my apps, especially based on feedback from users. After all, this app is for you guys. If you have any ideas on how to make it better, shoot me an e-mail or leave a comment and I will get to it ASAP. Let''s make Police Radar the best app it can possibly be!

Police Radar was tested on a Galaxy S II device, and should work properly on most Androids. Let me know if you have issues. Once again, thank you for trying Police Radar, now get our there and start scanning!

P.S. if you don''t want ads, there is an ad-free version available too. Check it out!

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