Muslim Salat Times

Muslim Salat Times
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(1100 total ratings on Google Play)


Salat Times gives you Muslim Salat Times for each city worldwide.

/!\ Salat Times is up with a new version that enables a lot of new features and a web site (http://www.muslim-salattimes.com) . Salat Times comes with a new smooth UI that enables power of Android 4x for you. Don''t hesitate to try or give another chance to Salat Times. /!\

It’s your ideal companion to keep track of muslim prayers wherever around the world.

Salat Times displays following times : Fajr, Sunrise, Dhuhr, Asr, Maghrib and Isha.

Prayers times calculation is entirely configurable with following parameters :
* Calculation Method (Egypt, ISNA, Jafari, Karachi, Makkah, MWL, Tehran, UOIF)
* Juristic Method (Hanafi, Shafii)
* High Adjustment (Angle Based, Mid Night, One Seventh, None)
* Time format (12-Hour format, 24-Hour format)
* Daylight Saving Times (Auto, 0, 1)

/!\ WARNING /!\
The setting of prayers times calculation parameters can make differences on hours of some prayers :
* Change of Juristic Method will affect Asr prayer hour
* Change of Calculation Method will affect Fajr and Isha prayers hours
* Change of daylight saving times will affect prayers hours

The settings of these parameters is available by clicking on the icon on bottom right on the action bar of home screen of application by choosing Settings.

Other features
* Qibla Direction
* Stores your favorite cities to know prayers times for these cities
* Location of your current city via GPS
* Month view to display prayers for a city for the current month or next months
* Hijiri Date Format
* Next prayer time is displayed in particular color
* Enable notifications by prayers to be notified when time for prayer is now !
* Enable Adhan by prayers when time for prayer is now !
* 4x2 widget that displays prayers times for your current location that is detected thanks to GPS
* Share prayers times for cities via SMS, mail or social networks thanks to a generated image of prayers times
* Help menu explains you meanings of prayers times and the meanings of calculation parameters
* Customize style of the application (text color of city and prayers names, text color of date, text color of next prayer).

Salat Times supports English and French. If you want translate Salat Times to another language, don’t hesitate to contact me (salattimes@ssaurel.com).

There is also a pro version of Salat Times with no ads that is a good way to help developer of the application.
Salat Times purposes also a web site to access prayer times from your desktop computer : http://www.muslim-salattimes.com

If you have feedback, bugs to submit (explain the bug by mail rather than send a bad comment which don''t let me to fix it), or ideas to improve Salat Times, feel free to send me an email at salattimes@ssaurel.com

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