Satellite Time Reader (Free)

Satellite Time Reader (Free)
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(330 total ratings on Google Play)


Satellite Time Reader uses the GPS (Global Positioning System) receiver in your device to get exact real time information directly from the satellites. It is similar to a radio controlled clock – allowing simple and fast offline checking of your device clock: No network access necessary! And it is so easy to use: Just open the app, wait for the GPS receiver to sync to the satellites and view perfect UTC/GMT time and date info (related to the time zone selected in the time settings of your device). You can then fix the system time manually if necessary.

This app uses advanced algorithms allowing much quicker access to the time data provided by the GPS circuit. What is incredible is that it can often show correct time and date while other apps still report 0 satellites in view! It has an automatic detection of the best available time and date raw info and uses dimmed text color as notification (warning) about unsettled outputs. Satellite Time Reader has a beautiful, retro-style user interface and will run on nearly any Google mobile/smart phone. Take it with you during you next holiday or while you are on a (sports) trip somewhere outdoors - you will love it!

Multilanguage support: English, German

This is the FREE version. The FULL version offers the following additional features and settings:
a) No advertising banner!
b) No permissions for internet access required!
c) Setting the system time (transferring the GPS based local time to your system time). THIS FEATURE ONLY WORKS ON SOME DEVICES WITH ROOT ACCESS AND MIGHT NOT WORK ON YOUR DEVICE! This is a limitation of the Android operating system – there is absolutely NO app on the market which can set the system time of a non-rooted device! And: It is not possible to synchronize system time and GPS based local time perfectly. There will always be some deviation (usually less than a second).
d) Keep screen on feature (avoid sleep mode while the app is active). Be aware that the GPS receiver draws a LOT of energy from your batteries!
e) Additional color schemes (white on blue, white on dark grey) - and the standard LCD scheme

Some hints:
1.) If the GPS time shows a wrong time, takes very long to receive, stops or does not appear at all, the GPS reception is not sufficient. This is not an issue related to the app!

2.) Using the GPS receiver consumes a lot of energy from your battery! It is not recommended to keep the app open for a longer time while it is on battery power only!

3.) If the local time is off by more than half an hour to the real local time then you have selected a wrong time zone in your device. Please correct the time zone FIRST and then the system / device time.

4.) Depending on your GPS hardware (!) this app offers instant (or at least ultra-quick) time info – much faster than traditional GPS monitor / tracking apps or maps based location / navigation apps! Note that this feature is known to work on Samsung Nexus S but cannot be guaranteed to work on your device. Reporting the status (fast or slow) on your device is highly appreciated (please send an email).

5.) You can tap on one of the three sections on your screen to get a short help about what is displayed in this section.

6.) Give it a try and test the free / lite version of this app. If you are satisfied after evaluation please consider buying the full / pro version (see details below).

I hope you have fun with this app! If so, please give a good rating and leave a comment. If you are not satisfied, please write a mail to info@appformatics.com instead. Please describe what you don’t like plus give us a hint how it could be improved. You can also share this app with your best friend using the share button in the options menu - or use the Like button to find appformatics.com on Facebook.

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