Kids Video Player For YouTube

Kids Video Player For YouTube
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(380 total ratings on Google Play)


Video player, with child lock, specifically made for kids and toddlers to watch vidoes on YouTube, Interned and your devices. App allows to search video from YouTube using safety mode so inappropriate videos are not returned in search results.

Parents can select a list of videos, stored on their device, or from YouTube or Internet that kids can watch.

You can create a playlist of Kids YouTube videos in the app so that kids can only watch your approved videos on YouTube.

Its also a plugin for Kids Place app to select videos, stored on the device, that kids can watch. Kids will only be able to see the list of videos approved by parents.
The app can run as a standalone or within Kids Place to enforce parental control and child lock security.

PLEASE NOTE: App does not provide any content and its a video player which child lock and parental controls.

+Just add the app to Kids Place and launch it from Kids Place to make sure all the Kids Place parental control and child lock settings are enforced when Kids Video Player is being used.

+ Parents can select a list of apprvoed videos that kids can watch from YouTube, Interner and device.
+ Child lock setting to lock home button. Requires Kids
Place app to be installaed and running for this feature.
+ Built-in player plays only the video formats supported by
device. Please install MX Player to play videos not
supported by stock player.
by device.
+ Setting to lock media controller on video player for
toddlers and younger kids.
+ Scans your device and external storage for available
videos for parents to select from.
+ Add video URL from internter
+ Search YouTube videos in Safety mode
+ Create playlist of YouTube videos for children within app
+ Lot of options to control behavior on playback completion.
+ Enhanced child lock features based on Kids Place settings.
+ Free version only allows to save and play 5 videos.
Please upgrade to licensed version to save and play unlimited videos.

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This app is not affiliated with Kiddoware; Kids Place; YouTube or Google. We just use their API to provide you a service to have a better expereince of the services provided be them.

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