Photon Flash Player & Browser

Photon Flash Player & Browser
(82.067k total ratings on Google Play)
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(82.067k total ratings on Google Play)


Photon Flash Browser for Android devices is the leading #1 browser app for Flash player plugin support and online video streaming that liberate your browsing experience. Our leading edge technology allows users to browse the web fast, runs Javascript at speeds faster than most mobile browsers on your device (during cloud streaming mode) and play Flash on their device.

Users can play Flash without installing or downloading any plugin. Photon supports not only Flash videos, but also games and websites. You can browse natively on the browser and when you need Flash support, you just need to click the lightning bolt button to activate the support for your tablets or phones. You can use Photon for free with ads or purchase a yearly premium pass to remove ads.

Key Browser Features
1) Unlimited tab support
2) Intelligent url bar to search and type your url from one single toolbar.
3) Browse and play video plus live TV full screen
4) Incognito and private browsing support allows you to erase browsing history with every session
5) Bookmark with folders support
6) Desktop browser and multiple user agent support. Set user agent as Safari, Chrome, Internet Explorer IE or Firefox with our desktop mode to view websites in their full desktop version.
7) Ad block and pop up blocker support
8) Support for Adobe Flash Player 9, 10.1 & 11
9) FLV format & SWF player support
10) Local Access mode allows users to instantly watch movies & local TV stations and sites that may block based on geographical IP
11) Dynamic bandwidth adjustment allows you to adjust your video stream bandwidth on the fly to optimize viewing experience and save data bandwidth even on 3G networks.
12) Accelerate your browsing experience on video sites like Facebook, Hulu, YouTube, Amazon and others.
13) Different Flash mode allows you to optimize your experience.
14) 3 navigation modes. Finger mode allows you to touch and flick. Drag hand mode allows you to drag game maps and other items easily in Flash. Mouse mode treats your screen like a trackpad providing precise navigational control.

With Photon browser, there is no sign up and no need to learn how to install the Adobe Flash Player plugin or APK file. Just press the lightning bolt button and it just works. Millions of users are already enjoying the benefits of Photon. Join them and download for free.

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