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Network Swap + Domain Swap + Browser Jump + Browser Launcher = Awesome!

Ever wished you could always open a particular web site, on a particular web browser only, regardless of whichever app/widget you clicked the link?

What if your phone had the ability to automatically choose one web browser when connected to mobile data and another one on WiFi?

How many times have you been pushed to the mobile version of a site, despite clicking the link to the desktop version?

Wouldn''t it be great to always visit the desktop version of a particular site of your choice while allowing other sites to take you to the mobile version?

Introducing Browser Swap Lite, the intelligent companion app for your web browsers.

Browser Swap Lite is not designed to replace your favorite web browser. Instead it will work with all your browsers & give complete control over all your web browsing sessions. It offers the following features:

1. Network Swap (GSM & CDMA supported)

This feature allows you to set one default web browser while you are on 2G connection, a different one while on 3G/4G and a third one for WiFi as well. For example:

WiFi - Dolphin Browser HD (great browser with addons, suitable for high speed connection)
3G/4G - Android Browser (default browser, works fine for most users)
2G - Opera Mini (best for low speed connections or when you need to save bandwidth, loads pages much faster using it''s Turbo mode, but sometimes page rendering looks bad)

Sure you can just open any browser you want and simply start browsing. But what about those links you click on your Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and other generic widgets? Those links take you straight to your default web browser, regardless of your connection type and speed. With Browser Swap Lite, you can now configure which browser should handle all those clicks, under what connection type (2G/3G/WiFi).

2. Domain Swap

With Domain Swap you can select which web browser should load a particular website. For example:

google.com - Miren Browser
news.google.com - Dolphin Browser Mini
facebook.com - Opera Mobile

It even finds full links that have been converted to short urls like bit.ly, t.co, fb.me, tinyurl.com and more (over 130 url shortening services supported)

3. Browser Jump

Using Browser Jump you can move a website from one web browser to another, without all the usual copy-pasting of links. Use Share menu in the web browser and select Browser Jump from the list. Now you can see a list of all installed web browsers, from which you can select which browser you want to jump to with the currently opened website. As simple as that. No more copy/pasting and opening/closing.

4. Browser Launcher

When you install Browser Swap Lite, you will find 2 apps in your app drawer - Browser Swap Lite and Browser Launcher. Browser Swap Lite will open the main configuring app that will let you control all the browser settings. What Browser Launcher will do is load your favorite browser based on the Network Swap setting you configured. For example if you are on WiFi and have configured Network Swap to open Opera Mobile when on WiFi, clicking on Browser Launcher will open Opera Mobile, ready to start browsing.

Browser Swap Lite is completely AD FREE and gives you unrestricted access to all the above features for 15 days and after that there will be a 20 seconds waiting period before opening each link. For unlimited access without delays, please buy Browser Swap which is also available on Android Market. All the settings and configurations you made to Browser Swap Lite, will be automatically carried over to Browser Swap as well, so that you won''t have to configure everything again.

Browser Swap Lite has been tested with the web browsers given below. Even if your favorite web browser is not in this list, it will most certainly work fine. If not, please let us know.

Android Browser
Dolphin Browser
Opera Mini
Opera Mobile
Miren Browser
Maxthon Browser
Mozilla Firefox
xScope Browser
Boat Browser

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