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Arabic TV Live
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Watch free live TV and your favorite Arabic TV channels wherever you are! Free download of ‘Arabic TV Live’ app allows you to watch the best Islamic channels and be well informed about all the things you are interested in.

This is a Muslim PRO app that has the high-quality live streaming broadcast of the most popular Islamic TV stations. You can now watch live Arab TV no matter where you are – all you need is your Android phone next to you, the latest YouTube app and a good Internet connection. And don’t worry about the incoming calls – once you answer the call, the live stream video will pause immediately, and you won’t hear any noise in the background, and the video will continue once the conversation is over. All these TV channels are divided in 6 major categories.

1) Social and Drama - enjoy watching great movies and lifestyle programming. One of the channels is Rotana Cinema Live. Then, you can find one of the Al Jazeera Channels, namely Aljazeera Mubasher. Another great TV station is Almajd Channel which is a part of the Almajd TV Network.

2) News and documentary – keep up with the news from around the world. Saudi Channel One is the main channel in Arabic; plus it was the first to broadcast the performance of the Hajj.

3) Religious - Praise Allah and watch Saudi Quran TV or Al-Resalah TV which is an Arabic language satellite television channel ‘to present true Islam’. May Allah always be with you; wherever you go you’ll be able to watch Alnas TV or Saudi Sunnah TV LIVE.

4) Sports - for sports fanatics, we offer only the best Saudi 1 Sport and Al Ahly TV, respectively. Follow the latest score live!

5) Kids’ TV - this Muslim app wouldn’t be this perfect without kids’ program. Kids can enjoy watching their favorite Arabic cartoons live or Toyorlive both of which are TV channels for children broadcasted in Arabic.

6) Other - Though we know these TV channels are enough to watch free live streaming 247, we still added a few more - 4Shbab TV which refers to itself as "Islam''s own MTV".

The first television broadcasts in Saudi Arabia began in 1965. The first broadcast was a recitation of the Quran. And now, live television reached a new era and it was never this good! Try it and prove it!

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