Mighty Fighter 2

Mighty Fighter 2
(7900 total ratings on Google Play)
Arix Team / Action
Downloads: 100k
(7900 total ratings on Google Play)


Mighty Figher2 ''Ultra Open!

The weakest fighter in the world gathered.

Infinite combos and super special moves are essential for survival !

★ Single Mode: Fighter defeat alone and goes fluff !
★ Team boats mode: three people team up to defeat the team goes crappy fighter !
★ Arcade Mode : Hundreds of bad guys to defeat the boss of each stage goes mulrichimyeo ( Final Fight is not how I roll )
★ Dogfight : 6 people at the same time on one stage combat ! Never discount! ! The ultimate thrill of the game !
★ Arcade Mode : True forward type action game.

If you are next to a close friend will receive your swift !
War and Bluetooth Enjoy !

Strengthen the friendship of friends can be the best in the game right here !
(※ Bluetooth War of friends and be likely to lead to a real battle !)

Zoom in and out is real . You really light mobile action game based in front of it!

Now, do not worry Take this! And enjoy!

Open your hidden character !

You fought hard for the user to luck!

Mighty Fighter 2 and a whole bunch of friends to let them know a whole bunch !

Mighty Fighter 2 comes out the various characters .
(General Fighting Games : ▶ 16 less than
  Mighty Fighter 2: ▶ 35 or more)

Been all sorts of characters who have a crossover .

Mighty Fighter 2 is currently popular in the world .

Fighting games are just like the user must

The best game to show the essence of parody .

* Producer "Blue Wind" says:
  " You will see the best fighting game !"

* The main character designer "EleMy" says:
  " You will see the best parody !"

* Engine planner "XarsTUL" says:
  " You will see the best combo system !"

* Senior Programmer "GARAD" says:
   " You will see the best game !"

* Animator "L2 Bros" says:
   " You will see the best hitting feel and move !"


< Character List >
(Being continuously added)

◈ Billy : the best fighter . Descendants of the Dragon .
◈ Xarstul : sharp , pointed attacks are adept
◈ DungMan : poop attack. Dirty.
◈ Ninja : Dark format characters. Very fast.
◈ Devil : A cute little devil.
◈ Dingo : Dingo incarnation of money . Body increases.
◈ Roboto : cute, but also a powerful robotic .
◈ Malang : Bruce Lee''s kung fu boy little to admire .
◈ Dragari : a kung fu master. like porn .
◈ Bunny.G : Cute bunny girl . But the powerful special moves .
◈ Skelton : Skull Knight. Bone is characterized by attacks
◈ Moai : Wrestling player. Back to top power .
◈ Dog S.Y : yugigyeon fighter .
◈ Street Yun: beggars , who came from New York
◈ Garius : the game''s final boss
◈ So no gong: a fighter like porn
◈ Cleaning: sonogong training with a short-legged friend
◈ Baejitul: an alien fighter . Adept blast wave .
◈ Piccolo : an alien fighter . Limbs extended.
◈ C.Tonaldo : famous soccer player. Kick skill used.
◈ L.Nessi: Sat naldu rival players. Free to use the hands and feet .
◈ SibalMong : Monkey Fighter.
◈ RiYori : a scoundrel like to cook .
◈ Two-piece : Fighting the growing limbs .
◈ Antonio : dirty thug nature .
◈ Lee Baedal: Good morning, sleepyhead fighters to respect . Chinese restaurant serving man.
◈ Miss Kim : women with no manners . Chanel bags and Cigarette offensive attack .
◈ Tojanya : a lot of Muay Thai fighters to sleep .
◈ Aren : transformed into a giant heat received .
◈ Narutul : Descendants of ninja . Very fast.
◈ Knuckle John : The owner of machining speed .
◈ Super Gario : mushrooms are adept in attacking uncle geek .
◈ Bruce Lee : Bruce Lee, founder of jeolgwondo .
◈ Psykyo : the use of non- psychic boy.
◈ Terius : Fighting boy hat collection is a hobby .
◈ Misima.H : Properties of a grandfather fighting dirty .
◈ Clark : Mr. journalists . Receives heat transformation!
◈ Sutaman : Span -dressed hero. Keep the United States only.

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