Fruit veg shape color for kids

Fruit veg shape color for kids
(480 total ratings on Google Play)
Pratik Machchar / Education
Downloads: 100k
(480 total ratings on Google Play)


Learn fruits and vegetables.
Learn Shapes and colors.
“Learn with fun” is educational app to teach your kid about Fruits, vegetables, shapes and colors.

** From the developer having 7 million download***

Now with clear pictures and better voice for each fruits, Vegetables, Shapes and colors.
Watch, hear and play with them.

This beautiful application is develop to provide basic knowledge of Color, Shapes, Fruits and Vegetables to kids.

The application is part of “Learn with fun” series.

Key Features:
* English, Hindi, Spanish and French support
* Child lock
* 27 fruits, 26 vegetables, 15 shapes and 10 colors.
* Ad supported
* Vocal description of pictures for English
* Haptic support
* Supports android 2.2 and up
* Slideshow
* Play background music
* Share with friends

Why should you get this game?
It helps your child to:
- Develop visual and fine motor skills
- Recognize fruits and vegetables
- Recognize shapes and colors
- Relate fruits and vegetables to their names
- Pronounce names

The application supports two modes:
1. Manual mode - Need your application supports kid to touch the screen and play himself, click the screen and shake the phone will play the sound again.
2. Auto play mode - Father/Mother can set the sound play interval and play times. The Baby Learning Card (Fruit) will auto show the Fruit to the child with the setting times and interval.

Fruit Shape Color Vegetable for Kids is an All-in- One app that helps your kid to recognize Fruits, Vegetables, Shapes & Color and learn their names.
Its clear focus makes the Application a delight for children and a winning choice for parents.
This application would make learning and identifying Fruits, Vegetables, Color and Shape easier for kids.
Perfect for Kids 1-5 years of age

With Clear pronunciation of the names its easier for the kids to learn. This application is Simple and Easy to use. With Rich, bright and clear graphics the Image is very clear for the Kids to identifying the Fruits, Vegetables, Shapes & Colors Perfectly.

Learn with Fun App will helps our children educate about fruits / vegetables which may eventually make them to love fruits and vegetables and may learn good and healthy foods such as fruits and vegetables.

The fun for kids app can help your baby learning different kinds of Fruits , vegetables, shapes and colours. with enjoyable way.

It has lots of beautiful pictures of fruits and clear pronunciations. It is very easy and simple to use. It will provide hours of fun and learning for your kids.

You can watch as the kids play this game and have all kinds of fun.
So all in all you have a simple game that using advanced but kid friendly interface.

App is under active development and we welcome your comments and suggestions.

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