Versed (Bible verse game)

Versed (Bible verse game)
(340 total ratings on Google Play)
A Sling and a Stone / Puzzle
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(340 total ratings on Google Play)


Versed(Bible verse game) is a tool to help you memorize Bible scripture. By helping apply the Bible in everyday life, Versed will better equip you to be a shining Christian example in a lost and dark world.

The Bible is God''s word. Our Versed(Bible verse game) empowers you to lean on Him, in both good times and bad, through learning amazing Bible verses that touch your soul.

-5 Bible translations
- NIV (New International Version)
- ESV (English Standard Version)
- NASB (New American Standard Bible)
- KJV (King James Version)
- NLT (New Living Translation)
-4 modes of play
-Over 180 verses in each translation of the Bible

Here are the 4 game modes:

Learn by Verse
- user gets a Bible verse and has to select the correct reference from a list.

Learn by Reference
- user gets a Bible reference and has to select the correct verse from a list.

Fill in the Blank
- user gets a random Bible verse with words taken out of it and put in a word bank. User then has to select the correct words to fill in the blanks and complete the verse.

Books of the Bible
- Easy: user gets a random Bible book and has to get the prev/next book.
- Hard: user gets 4 random books and has to place them in the correct order.

High Scores
- each mode has a separate high score board to track user scores.

Please visit our website http://www.aslingandastone.com/

Bugs and Feedback go here: support@aslingandastone.com

Please don''t hesitate to give suggestions on what would make our Bible game better.

The best way to learn and memorize Bible verses on Android. Versed, the Bible game.

Read Bible verses! Memorize Bible verses! Apply Bible verses!
Download Versed(Bible verse game) now!

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