Love Test (Love Calculator)

Love Test (Love Calculator)
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(1200 total ratings on Google Play)


“I think I’m falling in love with him/her”, “We could be more than just good friends”, “What is love”… Have you ever asked yourself but cannot sure about these issues?
Love Test (Love Calculator) will help you check your love compatibility based on 12 zodiac signs and 12 Chinese zodiac signs. Input your birthday and your partner’s birthday, then love match will be shown quickly and accurately.

Moreover, Love Test (Love Calculator) includes a lot of interesting love quizzes, help you know your partner’s characteristic, emotion, happiness, and golden love with best love advices, love rules, love tips…

*** Main features of Love Test (Love Calculator) ***
♥ ღ Love Match: test your love compatibility (love horoscope) based on 12 zodiac signs. It is very funny love game! Enter your birthdates and the cupid will find out more about your destiny and love horoscope.
♥ ღ Chinese Love Match: test your love compatibility (love horoscope) based on 12 Chinese zodiac signs. This love game is great for Asia people who ususally use Chinese zodiac signs.
♥ ღ Your Partner: everything you want to know about your partner (characteristic, emotion, happiness, favorite, love horoscope, sexual type, love life…)
♥ ღ Love Quizzes (Love Tester): Interesting love quizzes (love tester) will help you find out the true nature, answer what is love, and assess the quality of your relationship. Sample quizzes: Was he the one, Am I hurting him, Are you ready to date, Is your relationship healthy…
♥ ღ Golden Love: golden rules to perfect match your relationship, including Best love advices, 10 simple gestures that say I love you, 7 relationship mistakes must avoid, 10 signs of a serious relationship and more. You will become more romantic!
♥ ღ Share your love compatibility, golden love, result of love quizzes via E-mail, Sms, Twitter, Google+, WhatsApp
The Merry Christmas, New Year, Valentine day, Women’s Day events are coming. We hope that with Love Test – The Love Calculator, you will have a perfect match for your love life, and happiness always beside you!
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