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Auto Clinic
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Welcome to download Auto series software : only need to install an OBD Bluetooth adapter in your vehicle driving through Auto series software , to better understand the health of your car and your driving capture details .
A. Auto Clinic [free]
B. Auto Suite Cloud [more ancillary functions]
C. XXXX Suite [XXXX = Ford/Opel/Audi/Toyota ...] [more professional]
[1 Bluetooth OBD]
1.1 Auto Clinic [ABC]: real-time access to computer data and fault codes automotive information , different interfaces graphically display these information text specific information , including: more than 60 commonly used commands, such as : speed/temperature,
And synthetic 10 practical instruction , for example : the cumulative fuel consumption/average fuel consumption , etc. It also supports user-defined commands and international/U.S./English units conversion .
1.2 Auto Alarm [ABC]: Set command alarm over alarm threshold , generating an alarm notification or warning messages include : speeding alarm/temperature alarm/fatigue alarm .
1.3 DTC [ABC]: View/clear vehicle fault codes.
1.4 Auto Theft [ABC]: to prevent the vehicle without the owner''s permission, unauthorized use by the user can manually set/cancel this function , you can also SMS settings/cancel this function .
But also through the owner''s driving habits, set the interval time the engine power to start the vehicle to determine the vehicle theft cases .
1.5 Auto Log [BC]: real-time vehicle-related instructions and save the alarm information can export the information into a csv file .
1.6 Auto Race [BC]: from 0 to 100km/h dynamic performance reports from 100 to 0 braking performance report.
1.7 Auto Traffic [ABC]: real-time traffic information will be sent to radio traffic or transportation sectors.
1.8 Auto Resue [ABC]: send SMS or call the GPS location information and vehicle fault codes fault information notification rescue units .
1.9 Auto Health[ABC]
1.10 Map Track[ABC]
[2 camera]
2.11 Driving Camera [ABC]: the road ahead of the vehicle monitoring , save the video data .
2.12 Fatigue Driving [ABC]: real-time monitoring of the driver''s face eye movements to ensure road safety.
2.13 Rear End[ABC]
2.14 License Plate Recognition[ABC]
[3 phone]
3.15 Ban Call [ABC]: to ensure traffic safety , driving the process to reject all calls , SMS reply visiting Tel .
[4 Other functions]
4.16 Auto Cost [ABC]: manual entry of various car costs , including : fuel/Auto/illegal/maintenance/car wash/parking , etc., to facilitate your future inquiries statistics related records.
There are import/export feature costs recorded csv file.
4.17 Auto Sync [BC]: User login remote server , download your interested models commands and fault code information , upload and download your logbook .

1 Have any questions or suggestions, please contact us : paultwa2006@gmail.com.
2 Before you consider giving this software on play.google a star rating ,
Please e-mail us to consider , your confusion and better ideas let us know.
We are listening to your voice.
3 Thank you for this software will be released to other app markets, if able to publish news
mail us even more perfect.
4 If the software with the convenience to you or surprise, please consider the following recommendations :
a> to give it five-star rating .
b> Download Auto Suite Cloud more ancillary functions .
c> to help us complete the translation software will auto jargon translated languages.
d> tell me your Google Group email or Google+ Communities URL,Add to the list of software testing .
With your encouragement and support, we will continue to improve the software upgrade, although now it has many shortcomings.

Our goal: All About Auto.

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