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Clear out those unused and unwanted apps to make room for the stuff you really want.

Download AVG uninstaller for FREE now!

Do you have apps you hardly ever use? Do you know which ones eat up the most storage space, mobile data, and battery power? We all love to download apps, but we often end up hardly ever using them. And we don’t realize they could be draining our battery, mobile data, and storage space—all of which can affect our phone or tablet’s overall performance.

AVG Uninstaller is a FREE app that lets you quickly view the last time you used an app and tells you how much battery, data, and space it’s using. You can then choose to quickly and easily remove those apps (apks) you no longer want or use to free up space for the apps you really want and help improve your device’s performance - all without the hassle of going through multiple Android OS tasks.

AVG Uninstaller can even suggest which apps to remove. Simply choose how long an app should go unused before being suggested for removal, and decide how often you want to be advised of these suggestions. You can even whitelist specific apps so that they are never suggested for removal.

Download AVG uninstaller for FREE now!

App features:
View rarely used apps
• Quickly see which installed apps (apks) you don’t or hardly ever use and decide if they’re worth the storage space, battery consumption, and data usage they take up.
• Set a default or customize how often you want to be notified of apps that you haven’t used in 1 week, 2 weeks, 1 month or ever.
* Please note this feature requires a 72 hour learning period to understand your app usage behavior

Free up storage space
• Manage your device memory more easily.
• See how much storage space you can free up by removing apps (apks) you rarely or hardly ever use

Reduce battery usage
• View your apps by how much battery they take up and remove the ones that take up too much battery power.
• Reduce data usage
• Check which apps are taking the biggest chunk of your mobile data plan and quickly get rid of the ones you think are using too much

So say goodbye to those unused and unwanted apps today and make more room for the apps and other stuff you need and want.
* Please note preinstalled apps (apks) cannot be removed

Download AVG uninstaller for FREE now!

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