iGun Pro -The Original Gun App

iGun Pro -The Original Gun App
(63.154k total ratings on Google Play)
Crimson Moon Entertainment LLC / Arcade
Downloads: 1.0M
(63.154k total ratings on Google Play)


With over 30 Million downloads on mobile, the most downloaded gun application in the world has now arrived on Android!!!

Don''t settle for cheap imitations. Get the Original Gun Application

iGun Pro lets you do everything from virtually reload, chamber, and fire your favorite guns, to learning about their history and specifications. From the amazing graphics to the smallest details and accuracy, you will not find a higher quality gun simulator on the Play Store. We have all manner of weapons including assault rifles, shotguns, handguns, sniper rifles, rocket propelled grenades (RPG), machine guns, mini-gun and older antique guns as well!

You''ll find many guns that you may find in your own personal gun collection, and many military firearms found in xbox and ps4 games such as COD Ghosts, COD Black Ops, Battlefield 2, gta, and Battlefield 3! Don''t see a gun from your favorite game? Go to our Facebook page and request it at www.facebook.com/iGunPro

• A huge library of over 200 guns only a tap away!
• Customizable gun wall. Lay your guns out how you want them, on the ever expanding gun wall.
• Ultra-Realistic gun simulation including both motion blur and smoke
• Customize your shooting experience with adjustable recoil, motion blur, and slow motion
• See the full specifications sheet for each of the guns included in iGun Pro
• Over 35 Updates already with no end in sight. New guns and features are always being added
• Developers who are always listening for what you want next! Give us feedback on our Facebook page at www.facebook.com/iGunPro

We have a HUGE selection of over 200 guns, including:
- The Minigun
- The Gatling Gun
- AK-47
- M16

iGun Pro is a registered trademark of Crimson Moon Entertainment LLC. The iGun Pro logo, Crimson Moon Entertainment, and the Crimson Moon Entertainment logo are all trademarks of Crimson Moon Entertainment LLC and may not be used without explicit written permission. COD, gta, COD Black ops, Battlefield 2, Battlefield 3, gta, xbox, ps4 and COD Ghosts, are trademarks of their respective owners and are in no way affiliated with Crimson Moon Entertainment LLC.

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