Fire Truck 3D

Fire Truck 3D
(12.191k total ratings on Google Play)
Azerbo / Racing
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(12.191k total ratings on Google Play)


**“One of the most addictive driving game ever made!”**
**FREE download - Tons of content to enjoy**
**3D HD graphics – Realistic physics-based environment**


Alert! This is not a drill! Grab your helmet and get ready to drive fast! Bring your team to the fire zone as fast as you can!

Use the siren to make your way through traffic jams and use shortcuts to gain time in the crowded cities of the game!

Have you arrived? But it’s not over yet! Control the fire hose and extinguish the fires before they spread out!

Your achievements will be rewarded! Start as a Probationary Firefighter and progress through the missions of the game to become a well respected Battalion Chief.

Climbing the ranks of the Fire Department will grant you access to the many trucks of the game!

A firefighter’s life is full of dangers… Are you ready to step up to the task?


Fire Truck 3D features:
•3D environment and vehicles - Highly optimized HD graphics and smooth physics simulation.
•Hours of gameplay - 40+ levels involving missions and slaloms that will test your driving skills.
•Customizable Firetrucks - 9 upgradable Fire Trucks to help you complete your duty.
•Firetruck deformation – Your truck will take damages if you crash it!
•Play as you like - 3 different types of controls to choose from for your driving pleasure.
•Progression system - Increase your reputation and progress through the ranks of the Fire Department to unlock new trucks and cities.
•Achievements - Go for perfection on every level to become a City Legend and complete the other many achievements of Fire Truck 3D.
•Competition - Compete on the world’s leaderboards or against your friends for top scores!


Stay tuned to get information on Fire Truck 3D updates and our other games!

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