Backup Your Mobile

Backup Your Mobile
(7500 total ratings on Google Play)
Artur Jaszczyk / Tools
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(7500 total ratings on Google Play)


Application can backup and restore: Contacts, SMSes, MMSes, Call logs, System settings, Secure system settings, Wifi passwords, User dictionary, APNs, Calendar events, User applications, Bookmarks and browser history.

Backups are stored on SD card or in device memory, it is also possible to store data on Google Drive or Dropbox.

It is possible to schedule automatic backups. Application can automatically upload backups to Google Drive, Dropbox.

It is possible to copy data from one device to another by uploading and downloading backups to/from Google Drive, Dropbox, by moving SD card from one device to another or by copying BackpYourMobile folder between devices.

Important information:
1) In case of any problems after contacts restore please check Contacts Display options.

2) System settings and secure system settings should be restored on the same android version and the same device.
If you restore settings on different android version or different device, some settings will not be restored.

3) APNs visibility depends on mobile network, restored APNs from other mobile network will not be visible in settings.

4) Wifi passwords and secure system settings requires root and are in experimental phase, please send me information do they work on your devices. I suggest take backup with another app.

5) Wifi passwords - before restore on clean system Wifi must be turn on and turn off.

6) Messages send by ''Google Error Report'' are anonymous, it is impossible to reply.

Follow app on Google plus: https://plus.google.com/113182236204606904722/about

Please contact me if you''d like to translate the app to your language.

Detailed functions.
Backup and restore of:
- Contact
- SMS (text message)
- MMS (multimedia message)
- Call log
- Bookmark (stock browser)
- Browser History (stock browser)
- System Setting
- User Dictionary
- APN (Access Point Name) restore don’t work on Android 4.x, neither backup nor restore work on Android 4.2, because Google changed security policy, it is possible to enable experimental workaround for rooted devices in advanced menu.
- Calendar events - events only, calendar must be created by android synchronization
- Secure system settings - restore works on rooted devices only.
- Wifi passwords - works on rooted devices only.
- User applications (only applications without application data, also applications are not stored in cloud)

Backups can be encrypted with strong AES 256 encryption method.

Storage backups online (internet) to Google Drive or Dropbox

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