UK Newspapers

UK Newspapers
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(3400 total ratings on Google Play)


Read major UK newspapers, news sites online. You can find news from The Sun, The Guardian, Daily Mail, Daily Mirror, The Daily Telegraph, Financial Times, The Sunday Times, The Independent, Sky News, Sky Sports, The Herald, BBC News, Evening Standard...
* Newspaper list can be updated online
* Favorites
* Sort by "A-Z", "User" and "Frequently Read"
* Personalize the order of the newspapers by using up and down arrow or drag and drop.
* Show mobile or desktop version of the newspaper
* Add/Delete newspaper, magazine
* Adjustable font size
* Share the news
* Automatic cache delete
* Open with standard internet browser

* Update slowed it down!
- There are 2 mode of the application: Desktop and Mobile. Desktop version of the newspapers may take longer to load. Check which mode do you use on Settings page.
And of course it may differ based on newspaper''s server load time and your network connection speed which we can''t control them.
* How do I delete newspaper?
- Touch the star icon(favorites) on the top. Then touch the trash icon on the right side of the newspaper that you want to delete.
* How do I unfavorite newspaper?
- Touch the star icon(favorites) on the top. Then uncheck the newspaper that you do not want to see on the main page.
* Subscription only. You can see headlines of articles but can''t read without subscribing.
- Some newspapers want subscription. We can do nothing for it but you can uncheck or delete the newspaper if you do not want to see on the list.
* Last update took my favorite newspapers from the top of the list.
- Go to settings page and select "Frequently Read". Default sort is A->Z.
* Which news / newspaper sources can I read?
- BBC News, Sky News, Daily Mail, The Sun, The Guardian...
* Any problem...
- Please contact us before any problem.

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