Mongo Madness

Mongo Madness
(2800 total ratings on Google Play)
Brandon Stecklein / Adventure
Downloads: 100k
(2800 total ratings on Google Play)


Mongo Madness is a fast paced run and jump 2d side scrolling platform game for Android. It contains 32 exciting levels split up into 8 worlds of increasing difficulty. Collect hearts to stay alive, jump on enemies to survive, and beat each level to thrive. Can be played with onscreen controls, keyboard, or gamepad.

You Mongo, are an orc from the dreaded Caves of Doom. One day you noticed your beloved mistress has been kidnapped! You must run and jump your way through the world to try to return her to your arms.

Mongo Madness now includes a new optional downloadable content expansion pack, Mongo Madness - The Lost Levels! Help Mongo save the girl all over again with 12 exciting new levels with added challenge. The Lost Levels are bigger, more complex, and contain secret passageways for you to explore!

You can now update your graphics settings if you are having performance issues. From the main screen, press menu to select high, medium, or low quality graphics. The settings is on medium by default.

**Note about Controls**
Mongo Madness can be controlled by either the use of the onscreen control buttons, by keyboard, or by select gamepads. Onscreen controls are self explanatory. Pressing the menu button will pause the game. On a keyboard, move left and right with the A and D keys. Spacebar jumps. For gamepad controls, the buttons are configured for use with the Sony Xperia Play gamepad, although I do not have this device and have not tested it personally, so consider it experimental. If somebody with this device can test it and let me know, that would be awesome :-) The controls should also work with gamepads that use the same configuration as the Xperia Play such as the Gametel Bluetooth Gamepad (again, non tested). Send me an e-mail if you are having controller issues and I will look into it.

Mongo Madness scales to many device sizes including phones and tablets, both the 10 and 7 inch variety like the Nexus 7. I am constantly making updates to both the game and the engine, so let me know if you have suggestions on how to make it better. This game is for you guys!

If you grew up on old school 2D side-scroller platformer type games such as Super Mario or Sonic, this game is for you. I got the idea to make a platform game after playing Lep''s World and realizing that run and jump platformers were viable on touchscreen devices. And since Mario is my favorite game series of all time, I will keep making improvements to the game until I can match that level of greatness. And if you have any suggestions on how to make the game better please let me know! This game is for you guys, so help me make it the best run and jump game on the market!

**Special Credit** The music for Mongo Madness came from Kevin MacLeod at incompetech. Search for him online, he''s got some awesome tracks!

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