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Everybody: Please don''t buy the app under the assumption that a future update will make it work. If it doesn''t work now, it''s an issue with your handset''s firmware that is almost certainly not fixable from the app''s side. This whole program is more of a hack than anything else - the function is clearly not officially supported by Google. I can''t guarantee that it will work for any given phone and/or BT headset.

New ''Premium'' version is now available (just $1) and includes the much requested widget + auto reconnect after phone calls. Free version will continue to get bug fixes, but most new features will be targeted at the Premium version. Thanks for your support! (If you''ve donated in the past via PayPal just shoot me an email and I''ll get you set up with a free copy of the premium version)

Simple app to stream audio to your bluetooth mono headset. Please upgrade to Premium if you''d like to support development.

Requires Android 2.2 or higher. Tested on stock HTC Evo 4G ROM (2.2) and CM7 RC1. Leave feedback and ask questions at http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=950472

- Widget (premium only)
- Auto restart after phone call (premium only)
- Customize your Android''s color (premium only)
- Automatically enable Bluetooth on app launch (user can still choose not to allow this). Make sure your headset is actually CONNECTED before hitting ''On.''
- In-app ''Media Volume'' control. Adjust the ''Bluetooth In-Call Volume'' using the physical buttons on your phone or headset.
- Ongoing Status Bar notification while the program is running.
- Automatic turn on at app launch available via Menu-->Preferences. Note - if enabled your headset must be connected before running BTmono.
- ICS (Android 4.0) support including use of Holo theme
- Limited Skype support (if enabled after call is started). Please note - microphone routing is not possible on Samsung phones and may not be possible on GSM phones - sorry.

- Make sure your headset is connected BEFORE clicking ''On''
- To use with Skype you must enable BTmono AFTER starting a Skype call. Microphone routing does not appear to be possible on Samsung phones (without some ugly hacks, at least) because of Samsung''s efforts to prevent phone call recording. Microphone routing may also be impossible on GSM phones due to API limitations. Please don''t rate the program lowly due to this - Skype support is not the point of this app!
- To reduce static, set the ''Media Volume'' slider to max and reduce the ''Bluetooth In-Call Volume'' via your phone/headset.
- This version contains a workaround for a bug in Android 2.2 which causes a system crash under certain circumstances. If you are on 2.2, do NOT disable Bluetooth while the stream is running or your phone WILL reboot (sorry - tell your phone manufacturer to move to 2.2.1+). The bug has been fixed as of Android 2.2.1.

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